Digital & social major part of our marketing investment: Amarpreet Anand, Diageo India

Amarpreet Anand, Executive VP & Portfolio Head, Marketing, Diageo India, talks about collaboration with Hungama, marketing objectives and signing Vicky Kaushal as face of ‘Jashn Yaari Ka’ campaign

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Updated: Nov 28, 2019 11:23 AM


Amarpreet Anand

McDowell’s No.1 Soda recently partnered with Hungama to create, enable and experience music that truly connects with the audience. The No.1 Yaari Jam campaign is an attempt to make the legacy brand relevant with today's generation, says Amarpreet Anand, Executive VP & Portfolio Head, Marketing, Diageo India.

Over the years, McDowell’s No.1 Soda has been consistently focused on driving music as a passion point through the experiential platform of No.1 Yaari Jam.

McDowell’s and Hungama collaboration will not only engage popular artists but also enable budding artists to create music through No.1 Yaari Jam Pads across cities.

In conversation with exchange4media, Anand also spoke about the brand’s marketing objectives, signing Vicky Kaushal as the face of Jashn Yaari Ka’ campaign and more.

“McDowell’s as a brand is really about ‘Yaari’ or friendship, the emotional feeling of how you support each other and how you celebrate life together, which really goes with the Diageo purpose of celebrating life every day, everywhere. We have always been thinking of how do we really make the brand culture very iconic. It is a legacy brand and there arises a question of how do you keep yourself relevant with today's generation. Music is something which is very popular amongst the youth. There are actually three big passion points in the country- Music, Films, and Cricket. We decided to keep music as a big investment area for McDowell’s, which is about socializing, and celebration. We started small with a thought to create a very distinctive musical logo for the brand, then we created a set of original songs, regional songs, which we wanted to create to announce the journey behind this passion space. And once this started, we got a lot of confidence in terms of being able to engage the young consumers with music. So a year back, we asked ourselves that if every year we are scaling this association with music, what do we need to do next? And how do we scale it up further?”

Anand shared an insight about how an Indian consumer spends 21 or 22 hours a week listening and watching music, whereas the global average is around 17-18 hours. “According to some of the reports almost 30% of the music which gets created in the country or consumed is actually the original music and it's not film music, per se. We wanted to democratize music and also wanted to create platforms, which can help us in enabling people to come together, and also enable them to become better musicians. We started to explore multiple partners and found a great strategic fit with Hungama.”

Speaking on the marketing objectives behind the association he said, “The purpose for all of these associations are about making the brand family younger. Music is a space where there is no class. There is great amount of emotion in music and that is the power of the music which we are trying to help rub off on the brand. Therefore make the brand look younger, far more modern and contemporary, and a brand which is all about positive celebration. So that's the branding objective of why association with music makes sense.”

McDowell’s No.1 Platinum Gourmet Snacks from Diageo India has signed up Vicky Kaushal as the face of ‘Jashn Yaari Ka’ campaign. Narrating the story behind signing Kaushal, Anand said: “It is an interesting story. We didn't go out there looking for Vicky Kaushal, we were looking for an authentic Yaari story to help drive the premium imagery of the brand. We chanced upon the story of Kaushal. When we met him we were talking abou his life, history and what role his friends have played.”

Speaking further on the challenges faced by the group, Anand said: “Our challenges can be very operational in nature. India is a market, which in both medium and long term, is going to grow and that's why a number of big players have been investing in this particular market. I think the challenges are more operational in nature, but in terms of the overall outlook from medium, long-term perspective, India is a great opportunity for us to keep building on.”

Sharing more on the marketing and advertising strategies, he said, “The media consumption habits are changing. One of the biggest changes is focusing on connections planning. A consumer is spending his time across different media platforms and how does the brand show up at those different kinds of media consumption touchpoints. So our thinking is geared up towards that. We have developed creative and marketing strategies of what kind of content to be put out based on what platform the person is consuming.”

In conclusion, Anand said: “Digital and social forms a very significant part of the overall investment. The range depends upon the brands. If you think about scotches and above, where the ad spends towards digital and social platforms are much higher. For brands like Signature and Antiquity, it is a little lower than that. But I would say that it is significant, per se. I mean, for all brands, it is in double digits and higher.”

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