'We have been building brands with purpose and promise'

Venkatesh Vijayaraghavan, CEO & Director, CavinKare, spoke at the e4m Pitch CMO Summit 2022 – South about the three anchor points that have always driven the company’s thought process around brands

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Published: Sep 27, 2022 8:05 AM  | 4 min read
Venkatesh Vijayaraghavan

The South edition of exchange4media’s Pitch CMO Summit 2022 witnessed Venkatesh Vijayaraghavan, CEO & Director, CavinKare, deliver the valedictory address in which he shared insights about CavinKare’s brand journey over the last 30 years.


Vijayaraghavan commenced the session by talking about how the company has been building its brands. “It's a journey where we've been building brands with purpose and promise. It's a company that's been around for the last 30-plus years and we are present today in over 30 countries with a portfolio of over 15 brands in around eight categories. So what started off as a single brand sachet-led company today is probably up into 15 brands working across eight categories. And this is what excites us.”


Speaking about brand anchors, he said, “We have over 15 brands that cut across 8 categories, so what is it that we look at? There are three unique things that we look at from a brand perspective, the first is ‘Disruptive Innovation’, the second is ‘Unique Value Proposition’ that the brand needs to bring to the table, and the third is ‘Staying Relevant and Meaningful’. These are the three anchor points that have always driven our thought processes around brands and the way we actually wanted to build our brands, and some of them have really stood out in these anchor points that we’ve used over the last 30-plus years.”


Explaining how Chik Shampoo’s sachet revolution became one of the biggest disruptive innovations for the company, he shared, “Chik shampoo has been an innovation as far as sachet is concerned. If not for this brand, if not for sachet, many of us wouldn’t be seeing the FMCG industry the way it is today. The revolutionary idea of sachet and the ability to proliferate it into the mass market has been one of the biggest disruptive innovations that the company laid its foundations on. The brand has been over the last 30-plus years and continues to be strong in the mass market. The sachet revolution, as we see, is sort of spread across the country and across the globe.” 


“The second brand that we're quite comfortable and proud about is Indica. Again, it goes back to a sort of revolution that we brought in. The brand talks to a lot of youngsters and a lot of people with hair greying issues. But I think the revolution that we brought in again was in the sachet part of it. The ability to sachetize the whole hair colour category is one and two is the ability to bring in an instant flavour rather than waiting for two to three hours, which is a traditional method that used to happen, again based on disruptive innovation,” he further added. 


“Another brand that we proudly look at from a disruptive innovation perspective and continues to be disruptive today is Cavin’s milkshake.” Disruptive innovation has been one consistent trait the company has looked at across the brands, he added. 


Vijayaraghavan strongly believes where disruption doesn’t work, a unique proposition helps. “We may not be disruptive or innovative per se, but I think if the brand sustains a very unique value proposition, be it on pricing or be it on the way it’s been able to actually talk to the consumer. One of the brands that stand out for us in our portfolio today is Spins, a skincare brand morphing itself into a skin and fragrances brand. And beyond the brand, the key point is that this brand has been able to sort of have a unique value proposition that delivers to the consumers. So where sometimes disruption doesn't work, our very strong belief is that if you’ve a unique value proposition the brand is able to deliver consistently, that helps.”

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