Guest Column: All human beings are born entrepreneurs; 13 things that helped us

S Yesudas, MD and Co-founder of #triggerbridge #UnAgency, shares trade secrets of being a successful entrepreneur

e4m by S Yesudas
Published: Jan 4, 2018 8:55 AM  | 4 min read

All of us are just beginning a new year and for us @triggerbridge it also marks another important occasion. We complete a year and half from the time the first ever #triggerbridge invoice got paid by a client; an unforgettable experience at that. And when I look back at the journey, I’m reminded of the very interesting quote by Muhammad Yunus.

The initial few months since my decision to hang up the corporate boots were difficult, particularly after being used to a salary getting credited to the bank before the end of every month, for 20 long years.

During these times I had to constantly remind myself of the purpose and the fact that it was not a stolen idea to be "another" entrepreneur. Frankly, I didn’t know what would become of this eventually. The trials and tribulations were nothing short of the head’s calling to give it up. But as a marathon runner who constantly fights the mind and body game, I had to somehow stay motivated for the “well finished” feeling Vs “finished” feeling (my marathon mates would know the difference) at the medal distribution point.

Today, although, we are far away from the finish point, I can proudly say that the best ever career decision I made was to become an entrepreneur.

I have many people to thank, who came into my life to teach me various lessons including all the letdowns. And surprisingly we also found that we even threatened some agencies, which desperately reached out to other agencies and industry bodies for support to stop us from doing our business, creating fictitious stories. I say thank you to them too for helping build our brand and profile.

We have been constantly evolving. When I look at our journey ahead, with two new client conversations on the very first day of the year and the non-conformist type of talent we would want to have with us proactively reaching out to us, the #UnAgency's purpose of working with brand owners for genuine transformation, challenging many of traditional concepts and wisdom, bringing the Cognitive and Intuitive together, is going to be seen and experienced by at least half a dozen more clients in 2018.

At this juncture, I thought it appropriate to share with you 13 things that I think we did differently vs others, which helped us.

1) A firm decision (against all the urge) that we will not get investors money in till we are able to stand on our own feet and see actual profits in the horizon and that too only if a real scale up compels such need with a fully supported business plan. My belief is that anyone who invests in me should never be disappointed.

2) Never deviate from the purpose and the "Why" But constantly evolve too.

3) In the urge of delivering profits, not to forget the fact that the founder of the business needs to take home at least 60% of what he would have earned as salary. A founder who subsidies his earning is not building a real business.

4) Don’t suddenly start living a compromised life; choice of airlines, hotels, surface transport etc. I felt I can optimize my time and focus better on my business if I didn’t have to waste my time in unproductive things which may have added few thousands to the bottom-line but taken away few hours of my time.

5) Don’t buy people even if takes months to hire the right talent at the right price. But once they are on board and start to produce results, surprise them with monetary rewards when they least expect it

6) Build a collaborative ecosystem with your team. Let them speak and you listen. Let them make decisions. Put them in front of clients, but let the clients know your hands are on their heads

7) Let your team and others you collaborate with know all the challenges and all the good things. Don’t hide anything from the people who are helping you build your dream.

8) Invest time in unscheduled and un-agenda driven conversations with your clients and your people

9) Exhibit childlike curiosity and energy in all your interactions

10) Call a spade a spade. Have well-researched and thought through points of view and stick by the same. Clients respect that
11) Never start offering solutions unless you decode the problem and articulate the same

12) Making the clients aware that Technology is not an untamed animal, but the jargons are. And CRM systems add one more layer of transaction while real Post-sale care is an internal culture

13) Teach your team to be your clients’ marketing team sitting in a different office

Wish you all an awesomely fabulous 2018, filled with good health and peace of mind

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