For Nokia 6.1 Plus, our marketing strategy will mainly be digital: Ajey Mehta, HMD Global

The VP & Country Head-India, HMD Global said that it was a combination of brand, product & channel presence that contributed to their successful comeback

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Published: Aug 23, 2018 8:54 AM  | 4 min read

HMD Global, Nokia’s licensee, has launched a new mid-range smartphone Nokia 6.1 Plus in India. The brand has entered into an exclusive partnership with Flipkart for the launch of the smartphone, tuning up its marketing approach to attract the young millennials who prefer digital platforms.

exchange4media caught up with Ajey Mehta, Vice President & Country Head, India, HMD Global, for an exclusive interview. Mehta spoke to us about their marketing strategy, spends involved in the launch of the new range and much more.

Catch Mehta talking to us in this video and scroll down for the edited excerpts of the interview:

How does the launch of this phone give you an edge over your competitors? Also, tell us about the marketing strategy and spends involved?

This phone from the house of Nokia, provides an all-immersive experience to our consumers at a very affordable price. Over the years, the brand has earned an awareness and familiarity and is now known for values such as reliability, trust and honesty. 

For the launch of this phone, we have gone online, exclusively with Flipkart and That is where we are reaching out to young millennial consumers who have been in touch with us consistently and eagerly awaiting the launch of Nokia 6.1 Plus and 5.1 Plus.

There was a high demand from our consumers to have it launched in India. It is a pleasure for us to experience this excitement and enthusiasm around it in the digital space. We expect to double our revenue and ramp up our manufacturing capacity in India within the next six months. We believe that we have a winning proposition here and we will provide our consumers with an outstanding customer experience.

You have signed an exclusive deal with Flipkart. How has the association benefitted you in the sales domain?

Flipkart is among the largest e-commerce platforms. They certainly have a large base of consumers. We have worked very closely with Flipkart to fine-tune this product. Not only this, but also our association with Flipkart has helped us fine-tune our marketing approach. Flipkart provides us an opportunity for our product.

What are the three biggest factors that have helped Nokia to make a strong comeback?

To begin with, firstly, the love that exists for the brand. The inherent familiarity that is associated with Nokia is precious to us.
Secondly, it’s our product philosophy. Our focus is to provide high-quality products. This, coupled with strong manufacturing and material quality, make our products superior. We also have Android offering, where we provide an up-to-date and secure experience to our users.
Thirdly, it’s about our relationship with different channels and our channel presence. We have both offline and online presence. So a combination of brand, product and channel presence has contributed massively to our successful comeback.

What are the biggest challenges for smartphone players in India?

While there are numerous smartphone players in the industry, what matters most is how one is able to cut through a big opportunity. We have the luxury of having a brand that has huge amount of audience recall and rememberability. Cutting a way through the smartphone industry requires a lot of creativity, thinking and a laser-focused execution.

How do you go about the ad spend allocation in terms of digital, print & TV and outdoor?

Depending on the consumer we are targeting, the product that we launch and its price point, we vary our marketing mix and align our spends accordingly through these mediums. For this product, it’s predominantly going to be a digital approach as we are targeting the young millennial consumer who is pretty much all the time online. For our 2.0 versions, we adopted a print approach. During Diwali, we will go for television as well. Hence, depending on these three criterias, we determine our marking mix.

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