Experiential is changing consumer behaviour

Marketers have to work harder to get the message across, stresses Danielle Barclay of TRO Australia, who sees great opportunities in experiential

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Updated: Jul 30, 2012 8:00 PM
Experiential is changing consumer behaviour

The changing world of experiential marketing offers great opportunities to brands and marketers. Today, experiential has evolved from events and activation, to creating one-to-one dialogue with consumers and also changing consumer behaviour, said Danielle Barclay, MD TRO Australia.

Credited with designing brand experiences, Barclay added, “With experiential, we’re talking B2C, where great opportunities are evolving in the marketplace.”

While defining experiential, one needs to take into consideration events, retail, activation, sampling, guerrilla marketing, digital, word-of-mouth, visual merchandising and so on. Barclay outlined some principles of experiential marketing, which included – it must clearly deliver meaningful benefits for consumers; it must be one-to-one personal interaction between the brand and consumer; it must be authentic; it must engage people in a meaningful way; it must empower a consumer to become a brand evangelist; and it must use innovation to reach the consumers in innovative ways.

Citing some of the work her agency had done in Australia, she said that their work followed the seven principles to be success stories and also went on to win awards – these included ‘Refreshing power of Sprite’, ‘Camp Nectar is Real Juice’ and ‘Samsung Cameras give insight’.

Talking of the digital consumer, Barclay pointed out that the changing consumer is driving the change. “We as marketers have to work harder to get the message across,” she said, as the consumer is demanding more from every brand. The role of digital is connecting to the new consumer – as in establishing open dialogue, generate awareness and PR, build momentum and attendance, encourage sharing of experience and finally to measure and track results.

The current trend is ‘retail experiential’, but it has a long way to go. The manifestations are virtual stores, digital magic (projections, touch screens), interactive windows, store-in-store. Citing one of their recent campaigns - ‘Welcome to Androidland’ – Barclay explained how it engaged the consumers’ senses of touch, taste, smell, sight and sound, where it was ‘fun’ to experience the product for the consumers.

Danielle Barclay was speaking at the fifth annual convention of Events and Experiential Marketing Association (EEMA) – EEMAGINE 2012. The convention is being held in New Delhi over three days – July 28, 29, 30.

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