Ek Desh, Ek Hum campaign brings the narrative of togetherness across the country

Veteran advertising professional, Praveen Kenneth, along with filmmaker Pradeep Sarkar & musician Dhruv Ghanekar launch 'Ek Desh, Ek Hum’ video

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Updated: Feb 19, 2019 12:19 PM
ek Desh ek Hum

Praveen Kenneth, founder Law&Kenneth, and who retired last year as chairman of Law&Kenneth | Saatchi & Saatchi, has launched a campaign under the platform of ‘Ek Desh, Ek Hum’. The platform kicks off with a video that stresses on the theme of ‘Stronger Together’ theme.

Stating on the intent of the messaging, Kenneth said, “What we are conveying is not new. It’s simple, it’s obvious. We all know the Magic of India is the amazing diversity of its people, across cultures and religion. Our life is fuller, vibrant, expanded, thanks to our Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Jain, Buddhists friends, brothers and sisters. I believe this is the underlying strength of our Nation. The important thing however is that we need to keep bringing this back into the Center stage of Conversation and Consciousness. It’s like brushing teeth- it needs to be gotten into our collective Consciousness -always. And this needs to be a on-going and a engaging conversation- Nation Above All. A nations' health and progress is directly proportional to the quality of the collective and inclusiveness of the society- and that’s the truth. We all know and have been taught this from school - that only in connection there is Progress/Growth/Joy, and in DisConnection - there is pain, suffering, chaos.”

Kenneth said, “In a daily life which zigzags through understandable difference, disagreements, arguments and loud and angry debates - which is the beauty of a democracy and always encouraged - the interest of India and Indians , should and will always be the in the centre. The campaign is an effort to bring back this conversations. This effort will be wasted if this ends up trying to pick up holes and complaining  instead, to focus on moving forward, always improving, always enabling , always looking at the bigger picture of Great Progress.”

The ‘Ek Desh, Ek Hum’— launch video has been directed by noted filmmaker Pradeep Sarkar while the music has been scored by the Dhruv Ghanekar and the lyrics have been penned by Ishita Arun. The video shows a young nation awakening to the need to come together. The narrative of togetherness is spread by people across the country, from every section of society and incorporates India’s great diversity.
“Togetherness is strength - this is the singular message that we want to convey,” Kenneth said.

The video is accompanied by Twitter push that will be hosted on #Ekdeshekhum. This will be supported by extensive TV and radio support.

“We hope to reach out to people across the political and civil spectrum, taking along all ideologies and views. In the end, everyone wants growth, progress and fraternity – for that, we need to remind ourselves , the very much used adage - UNITY IN DIVERSITY," Kenneth said.

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