e4m Conclave South: Important to connect with the consumer's mindset: Pradeep Cholayil

At the e4m Conclave South, Pradeep Cholayil Chairman & MD, Cholayil Pvt. Ltd. spoke about 'Leveraging a centuries-old legacy to create an emotional connect with the distracted consumer'

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Updated: Dec 1, 2018 9:48 AM
Pradeep Cholayil

As Medimix turns 50 this year, Pradeep Cholayil Chairman and Managing Director, Cholayil Private Limited took us through the brand's journey. Beginning his career as the Head of Marketing and Finance of the company, he went on to become the Managing Director. He was instrumental in launching the flagship brand Medimix across India and around the world. The Medimix Ayurvedic 18 herb soap is now the world's most sold Ayurvedic soap.

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Speaking on the topic 'Leveraging centuries-old legacy to create an emotional connect.' Cholayil began his speech by pointing to three campaigns that established an emotional connect with a distracted audience: a campaign for the movie Jaws, Barack Obama's presidential campaign and a campaign for Bruce Lee movie. He pointed out that campaigns, like these, “triggered a visceral response that came from the gut and not from the intellect. Each of us identified either for or against it”.

He continued, “This is a classic example of what every brand is trying to achieve”. He also explained that the truth as we believe it is also a trigger for a visceral response.

Cholayil then went on to cite the example of Apple Inc., which he said is a company that for many decades, has stuck to its mission statement put forward in 1980 and has continued to evolve in a very dynamic and fast changing space. He pointed out that Apple managed to create an emotional connect through the launch of their new app Screen Time. He highlighted how it is ironic that being a company that produces smartphones and computers, they have also launched an app which encouraged consumers to spend less time on these devices, thereby, addressing one of the most discussed modern life issues: screen addiction. This has led to Apple creating an emotional connect with the distracted consumer.

Giving the audience a glance into the background of Medimix, Cholayil spoke about one of his ancestors, Shri Manikyan Vaidyar who initiated Cholayil's family into the Ayurvedic culture and it was taken forward by Cholayil's father, Dr. VP Sidhan, thus leading to the birth of Medimix Ayurvedic soap. Apart from the manufacture of Ayurvedic soaps, the brand has an Ayurvedic pharmaceutical company, as well as a traditional Ayurvedic treatment centre.

Taking us back to his point that truth and belief are triggers for an emotional response, and subsequently, to decision making on the part of the consumer, he pointed out that it is also important to connect with the mindset of today's consumer.

Cholayil presented information that examined the customer's belief throughout the decades from 1980 to 2020, explaining that customers in the 1980s focused on tradition, with an inclination towards natural products, while in the 90s the focus was on science and research, due to India's exposure to the international market through the IT boom. In 2005, there was a shift back to Indian traditions in a “back to roots movement” which also saw an international interest in these traditions. Currently, he said, consumers are focused on all natural products backed by scientific research, with a continued interest in traditions. He emphasized that “Cholayil products are clinically proven to deliver on their promises”.

He continued, “We have also elaborated the natural aspects of Ayurveda to create a stronger connect with a move back to a natural lifestyle.”

Cholayil concluded by demonstrating how Medimix achieved this through their latest ad campaign for Medimix Glycerine soap, which encouraged modern consumers to interact more readily with nature in their fast-paced, technology-driven lifestyle.

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