e-TechManch: All legendary brands have been backed by communities: Tamanna Dhamija

On Day 2 of the e-TechManch conference, Dhamija, CEO, Co-Founder, Convosight, shared insights on the best-kept secret in digital marketing

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Updated: Aug 29, 2020 9:31 AM  | 4 min read
Tamanna Dhamija

The second day of the 2020 e-TechManch Conference saw marketing stalwarts share insightful inputs on the digital marketing ecosystem. The last intriguing session was that of Tamanna Dhamija, CEO & Co-Founder, Convosight, on the topic ‘The Best Kept Secret.' 

Starting the virtual session talking about what the best-kept secret of 2010 was, Dhamija remarked, “The best-kept secret in 2010 was Digital Paid Marketing. That is when paid marketing started featuring in innovation slides of CMOs and in a couple of years digital became a big part of the way we were spending our money and connecting with our consumers.” 

Dhamija went on to say that in 2015, that same spot was taken over by Influencer Marketing. “We started testing and experimenting around with these influencers who were emerging on platforms like Instagram. A couple of years later, that moved into the main slide of a CMO and CEO of a large Fortune 100 company,” she said. 

Finally, revealing what the best-kept secret in present times is, Dhamija shared, “The best-kept secret that a lot of forward-thinking brands have been innovating with is the unexplored world of community building and community engagement.” 

She added, “The world as we know it has changed. Behavioural changes that would normally take 10 years to happen have happened in the last five months and are slated to happen in the next two years. It seems that online would take over offline as the most preferred last-mile touchpoint for a brand.”

She shared that Facebook groups have emerged as the hub of online social interactions. “At the moment, there are 1.4 billion people across 10 million Facebook groups. They are congregating in small tribes where they talk about their shared pain points, interests, hobbies, challenges, nutrition, education, arts, travel, science, and technology. That is the power of enabling people with a platform. It gives them the ability to interact and connect with others during these times.” 

But what exactly is the leading factor of these behavioural changes? According to Dhamija, conversations are the leading indicator of behaviour changes. She went on to share her favourite analogy: The Balcony vs. Hall Analogy. She says, “In the traditional channels, we have been tapping into consumers for research through surveys or we have been interacting with our consumers. But these are open social media channels, a Facebook page, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter. It is like a balcony where a brand talks to its consumers. But the consumers are passively engaging; they are not talking amongst each other. They are not engaging with the brands. Now, look at the situation we are in today and look at Facebook groups as channels. Think about a hall; people walk in, warm up and then they start talking. They start having real conversations. Real people talk about real pain points, passions, and start having real authentic conversations. That is what Facebook group communities are, there is a peer-to-peer communication. The fundamental difference is one vs a two-way custom communication.”

Keeping this insight in mind, Dhamija says if we could inert all category building insights, we could become a part of the safe trusted spaces of our consumers and offer genuine value. This will lead to a massive adoption at scale. 

Dhamija signed off by saying, “Some of us know that the most legendary brands that exist in the world today have been built on the back of communities. Communities are not new. We have always existed in tribes. What is new is that all of this has shifted online because of the platforms that are available to us and secondly because of the pandemic. This is the best secret if you desire to build a legendary brand by truly engaging and co-creating along with your consumers.” 

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