Dollartune's 'watch ads, get paid' model gains app a million page views

In conversation with exchange4media, Raja Gupta, CEO, BrandAdEmedia Solutions, tells us about the app’s USP, expansion plans, brands working with the app and more

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Updated: Jun 28, 2017 7:33 AM
Dollartune's 'watch ads, get paid' model gains app a million page views

Thanks to ad-blockers, noisy ads cluttering your web experience is a short-lived phenomenon. This, however, poses a big threat to digital advertisers. Enter the non-intrusiveDollartune, an opt-in Android-based application that acts as an advertising delivery system. It offers abundant time to its users to watch and engage with the ads of brands and pays them for the same. The app, launched in 2016, has already reached the 1,00,000 downloads mark and is on an expansion spree. In a conversation with exchange4media, Raja Gupta, CEO, BrandAdEmediaSolutions, reveals more about brands working with the app, business plans and the app’s USP, among other things.

What is the USP of Dollartune?

I think Dollartune’s USP is that it allows users to engage with the advertisements in their own time frame, which makes it an ‘anytime’ medium. To ensure engagement, the users get rewarded with points that can be redeemed on Paytm in real time. Brands pay Dollartune on pay per delivery module which means if an ad is not seen, it is not payable. On the app, the advertisers have the option to use ring tones as an advertising option apart from regular image, audio and video advertisements.

Dollartune is targeting 2,00,000 downloads by Diwali. How do you plan on achieving this?

After a beta launch in August 2016, Dollartune went live in November 2016 and had a modest target of reaching 1,00,000 downloads in our first year of operation. We scaled the target much ahead of our schedule. This has been achieved without running any campaign and the growth is purely organic. A satisfied user is referring us to their friends and the userbase is increasing steadily. Not only is Dollartune aiming to grow to 2,00,000downloads by this Diwali, but also cross the million mark by March 2019.

How do you manage to keep up with user engagement?

Advertisements are the content of Dollartune. This being a mobile-based platform, the advertisers have taken a liking for Dollartune as they can now have focused delivery based on location, gender and age. Because there is a pay per delivery module, advertisers know that their money is being spent well. As we have started growing, we are acquiring a scale that will be of interest to larger advertisers. More advertising messages means more engagement. Right now around a million page views are being recorded on Dollartune. With every new user, the deliveries will increase.

What brands are you working with?

FBB (Fashion at Big Bazaar), Mother’s Recipe, CharakPharma, Hyundai, Mitsubishi Pajero, Yamaha, Just Dogs, Roger Motors, Mycrofine, Oasis Tiles, TGB (The Grand Bhagwati) and many more brands continue to use Dollartune after running test campaigns. More than 80 satisfied advertisers including retailers have used Dollartune.

Please elaborate on your investment plan to achieve the 5,00,000 downloads target.

So far, we have grownorganically with largely word-of-mouth publicity. Getting the users and keeping them engaged will need a much bigger sales network. We are planning to set up sales offices in major metros within this year so that our advertiser reach multiplies. A multimedia campaign for user acquisition is also in the pipeline. We are actively looking to raise funds amounting to US$ 2–5 million. The funds will be used for expanding offices, user acquisition and technology improvement.

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