‘Data and creativity should complement each other’

At the recently held Pitch CMO Summit 2022, a group of expert panellists gave their insights on how data and creativity can make wonders for a brand

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Published: Jul 1, 2022 8:34 AM  | 3 min read
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With digital gaining prominence in the world, data has become a major aspect in designing strategies for brands. At the recently held Pitch CMO Summit 2022, a group of expert panellists gave their insights on how data and creativity can make wonders for a brand. 

The session, ‘Data and Creativity: How they can work together’ was chaired by Puneet Avasthi, Director, Specialist Businesses, Insights Division, Kantar. During the discussion, expert panellists remarked that both data and creativity are truly important to send the message across the right target group. Avasthi opened the discussion with his question as to whether data and creativity are mutually exclusive and should it be exclusive or interact with each other while designing a strategy. 

Udit Malhotra, Head of Marketing, MG Motor India, said, “Data and creativity should complement each other and must not be mutually exclusive. The bigger question to ask is, as marketers or businesses, do we have a data mindset or consumer-first mindset. The answer to this question will power your creativity for now and future. It is a complementing exercise and it is not mutually exclusive. Data and creativity are inclusive and complementing to each other. There is one fact that data can enable creativity and it is not there to demolish creativity or take control of the creativity.”

Ruchika Gupta, CMO, Luminous Power Technologies, explained that how a marketer cannot rely only on one aspect while designing the campaign. She said, “I think in my point of view, Data is an ingredient and creativity is a recipe. It takes both of them to come together to make a great dish. Both in terms of developing a campaign and media usage both play a crucial role. I do not think any scenario which would have only one of them. One cannot rely only on data or creativity.”

According to Sumeli Chatterjee, Head - Integrated Marketing Experiences (IMX), India; Southwest Asia, Coca-Cola Company, data is an initiator which identifies the right audience while creativity helps deliver the right brand message. She explains, “For me it is not much about data and creativity but how much of data and creativity is being utilized. Couple of years back we were talking more about traditional media and new age media but now we have stopped talking about it. In the coming years we will stop treating data and creativity differently. Data gives you insights which help build creativity and creativity helps you build conversations, actions and behaviour.” 

“Data is like an engine in a car, it is essential but how beautifully the car is crafted from the outside is creativity. Both of them are important. The marketers need to understand that the data fuels the right audiences but the message is from the creative. If the audience is right but the message is not crafted beautifully then you are losing the game. Data does not create instant conversion. Data and creativity are both essential for any campaign,” said Tabrez Alam, Chief Data and Strategy Officer, Bobble AI.   

Describing the importance of data and creativity for a marketer, Prasun Kumar, CMO, Just Dial said, “Saying data and creativity are mutually exclusive in today’s context is like seeing technology and our lives separable. I think data governs everything what you do. But the actual process of creativity does have those rooms where they are not driven by data only. The point remains is that what is the purpose of creativity. The ROI driven mindset makes data very important.”   


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