Content marketing will rule the game: Amit Oberoi, Greenpanel

The marketing head of Greenpanel on marketing approach and how the company is working towards educating consumer about MDF

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Published: Aug 3, 2018 8:54 AM  | 3 min read

Amit Oberoi, Head of Marketing, Greenpanel, believes that content marketing is going to rule the game in the future. This is not surprising considering the increasing emphasis on content marketing across industry.

Oberoi also emphasized the need to educate the consumer on Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) in its content marketing strategy. Greenply Industries Ltd rebranded its EPD division, and has now become Greenpanel. Oberoi mentioned that the new identity has been very well accepted by the market and the trade.

In a telephonic chat with e4m, Oberoi talked about its marketing approach and how the company is working towards educating the consumer about MDF:

What are the key features of a great content strategy?

Good content should provide information to the consumer. It should create willingness to purchase that product and develop brand confidence. Good engaging content will create brand loyalty. There is no other way.
Although it's a new form of marketing (content) it's catching on. Going forward this is going to rule the game.

How does Greenply use content marketing to its advantage?

Before ‘how’ we need to explain ‘why.’ We believe in a proactive marketing approach, rather than reactive one. We basically believe in going where our consumers are located and doing what affects their buying behaviour. That’s our marketing philosophy.

When we talk about a proactive marketing approach it's based  on EIDA. E is educating the consumer, I is for informing, D is demonstrating why this product is better and A is evoking an action. EIDA has been our core focus and we have developed our strategy on that.

How do we complement that in terms of content? We have product-centric brochures, demonstration tools and shade cards on our website. We have got videos uploaded on YouTube which talk about how MDF is better. We also have our in-house newsletter which is called Green Age, where it talks eloquently about our channel partners and how MDF is better than other wood based panels. Distributed across 1500 plus channel partners across the country, the objective is to educate them. Apart from this we also do some authored articles in print media where we talk about the industry and how can it be taken forward.

What are the current challenges that marketers face while creating a sustainable content marketing strategy?

I think it's the clutter. For a marketer the most important thing is to reach out to its target group. The role of marketing is to generate lead and sales. We, as marketers, need to be aware of what the consumer needs are and address them effectively.

How have you increased your reliance on content marketing over the years?

We have gone out and made videos on YouTube to educate consumers on how MDF is better than other wood-based products.

When  the new brand was launched all our marketing efforts were  focused on BTL. We did a lot of product demonstrations, explanation to the carpenter and the wood working contractors. Many demonstrations were also carried out in the furniture market and campaigns have been done around that.

What per cent of the spends do you allocate towards content marketing?

Around 10-12 per cent of the entire spends would be put on content. We also have to keep in mind that we come from a building material industry where the product is bought on a lot of technical requirement, so I can’t overload my budget by spending too much on content. That balance is important.

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