Always keep your consumers wanting for more: Sohrab Sitaram, CEO, Keventers

The marketing is based on the vision of making Keventers an aspirational and uber trendy brand in the eyes of the consumer: Sitaram

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Updated: Nov 3, 2017 8:35 AM

With the milkshake bottles of this brand bringing in a lot of fan following to it, Sohrab Sitaram, CEO, Director & Co-Founder, Keventers talks about their marketing strategy when a lot of other national and international brands have also forayed into the same market with a similar element of interest. He also tells exchange4media that the brand plans to focus more on Above-The-Line marketing this time. Edited excerpts:
Keventers is not one of its kind anymore since more players have entered the market with similar offerings. How do you differentiate yourself from the others?At Keventers, Innovation has been and remains to be a key focus. We are constantly thinking about newer ways to scale the brand and out of the box ideas to create another little ripple in the market – similar to our customised bottles, to create another big wave of change in the sector.
We are constantly trying to walk the different path, whether it is via our vibrant product offerings, design, flavour or the overall tonality of the brand. Hence, having competitors in the market is not something that we fear, rather we welcome it.

Furthermore, our first mover advantage, sheer scalability, competent corporate team and established systems have always help us in staying ahead. That said we are aware about the competition and hence have established an innovation cell whose primary job is to monitor new developments and innovate Keventers as a brand.

The bottle plays a big part in your campaigns and marketing communication. What is your idea behind this?
In today’s times, food & beverages are not consumed by mouth alone, we all eat with our brains. A buyer has already consumed the flavour of the milkshake in his head even before he buys it hence, he makes the choice. The brains of our millennial consumers want to associate with things which are stylish, upmarket, uber, retro, chic and constantly innovative. We tapped on this idea to create an aspirational design for our bottles, which everyone would like to associate themselves with.

When we were re-establishing Keventers, we wanted to create a concept where the bottle design was fluid, and hence introduced the idea of specially curated bottles where we design limited edition bottles for occasions including prominent holidays, days as well as brand milestones (eg. launches in new markets, national days of importance, festivals etc). This has helped us create a niche space for our brand and product especially amongst the millennials who associate with the bottle based on its ‘cool’ quotient.

With our bottles as well as the overall look and feel of the brand, we also wanted to establish an ‘instagrammable’ or ‘instagram worthy’ brand which today’s youth can easily associate with. For Keventers, the bottle is our hero and the fact that there are many people now who eagerly wait for our new designs, and some have even become connoisseurs/collectors of the same is very encouraging.

Is the brand limiting itself to just below-the-line marketing?
Not at all. Keventers is both on an expansive and progressive path. We communicate with our consumers through not only below-the-line but also digital. Above-the-line this year will be a major emphasis for us

What is your marketing strategy?
Our marketing strategy is to tap into every potential consumer by using thriving and volatile marketing tools like below-the-line, above-the-line, digital, PR, branding and events to associate and connect with. The marketing is based on the vision of making Keventers an aspirational and uber trendy brand in the eyes of the consumer.

Going ahead marketing plans?

We at Keventers have one thumb rule for marketing - Always keep your consumers wanting for more!

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