World Under Water uses Street View to show the world submerged under water

The digital campaign by BBDO and Proximity Singapore with CarbonStory aims to raise awareness on global warming and rising sea levels

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Updated: May 15, 2014 7:51 AM
World Under Water uses Street View to show the world submerged under water

Global warming and resulting increased sea levels is one of the key issue facing the world. In a bid to sensitize the laymen about the gravity of the issue and how it can affect anyone and everyone, CarbonStory (, a crowd funding platform for climate change projects, has launched a digital campaign.

The digital campaign designed by BBDO and Proximity Singapore uses a web experience to show viewers the impact of rising sea levels on their very own neighbourhoods with the help of Google Street View. Users can type in any address and the page shows images from that location post the unmanageable rise in water levels. It is trying to drive home the message that the effect will be universal. Taking a more psychological approach the campaign has taken a novel way to reach out to masses. Users can choose Google Street View locations around the world to see what they will look like after sea levels have risen. They can further even share their ‘Street View Under Water’ on Facebook and Twitter. “The idea isn’t just about creating a shocking effect, but rather to give people an opportunity to become part of the solution to climate change by calculating and offsetting their carbon footprint using CarbonStory’s website,” said the official statement.

Inspired by the United Nations World Environment Day (5 June 2014) slogan 'Raise your voice, not the sea levels', the ‘World Under Water’ campaign then urges people to reduce their carbon footprints and offset what is left by supporting climate change mitigation projects around the world.

After logging on to the page and hitting on ‘Start’ the homepage shows several locations like Dubai, Singapore, New York, London, Barcelona and there is a tab where users can type in any address to see those places as well (though the software is unable to get images for many places including India). For instance, if you click London, it will show London Eye and surrounding area half submerged in water and the several facts about climate change and its effects scroll below.

The campaign is hitting all the right notes on social media. Both Twitter and Facebook is full of pictures shared by people of their own locations using the ‘World Under Water’ web page.

A Twitter user Christina Payes tweeted, “OMG! This is my street under water! USA UNDER WATER.” Another twitter user Sara de Silva said, “This is so cool! Interactive & fun take on #globalwarming  #WorldUnderWater.” /
“Cool, but also scary: what our cities would look like under water #WorldUnderWater,” tweeted another user.

Both the social media channels are flooded with people sharing their location and how the places will look like post the rise in water levels. Though images from India are not yet available in the page as of now but at a global level the campaign is making an impression.

While the end goal of the campaign is to make people calculate their carbon footprint as well for now people seem to be pretty impressed by the images they are seeing as most of the people have shared their respective locations’ pictures on social media and no one is talking about the carbon footprint.

The web page can be viewed here:

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