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Published - Oct 5, 2019 9:29 AM Updated: Oct 5, 2019 9:29 AM

2nd October - International Day of Non-Violence

International Day of Non-Violence celebrates Mahatma Gandhi’s message of non-violence on his birthday.

On the Internet, there are birthday wishes and hate speeches. Read a recent report on hate speech on the social media: https://on.cfr.org/2mx30ZW

Not just hate speech, the Internet is a free way to show violence live! Remember the horrifying mosque shooting incidence of New Zealand?

But peace is no industry. You wouldn’t find drastic efforts towards peace building on digital media. Not yet.

In fact, if anything, the digital media is known to mobilise people and start movements: the Arab Spring of 2011 is a case in point. It started on Facebook.

So how do we marry this potential to bring people together to the cause of peace? One direction is AI.

AI is helping people and organizations predict chances of unrest and identify borders on the continuum of stability.

Read: https://brook.gs/2nls8TD
Watch: BBC Reel’s How AI could unlock world peace: https://www.bbc.com/reel/video/p071bfvt/how-ai-could-unlock-world-peace

Sounds like a good beginning, doesn’t it?

To read more about such days and celebrations, visit our website: https://thedigitalfellow.com/international-days

3rd October - Techies Day

The pace with which technology is advancing has made it essential for organisations to keep up with changing world. Adapting to the trends according to your needs is the way to stay ahead of the digital transformation curve. Do you have people with such skill sets in your team? What if you need AI, Blockchain, AR, VR and what not!

Techies Day was founded to encourage students to consider careers in technology. Now, that goal should give way to another: that of encouraging the tech industry to bring people from diverse backgrounds and groups into tech: http://bit.ly/2ngpr6h

It should now be a day for organizations to think about their own prejudices. Groups like women and ethnic backgrounds like Asian Americans are less likely to be promoted to higher level jobs.

Read: http://bit.ly/2mB6j2k

With industry leaders like Microsoft showing their commitment to diversity and inclusion (https://careers.microsoft.com/us/en/diversityandinclusion) we hope others would follow suit.

Tell us about your experiences with diversity in your organizations. And power to you!

To read more about such days and celebrations, visit our website: https://thedigitalfellow.com/international-days

4th Oct: World Smile Day

From this World Smile Day onwards, try starting your day with a SMILE ? and have an amazing day ahead.

The idea of making the whole world smile on a day was thought of by Harvey Ball in 1963 when he created the iconic smiley symbol ?. The smiley went on to inspire the foundation of the World

Smile Day in 1999 and representations of other emotions like laughter and anger.

In spite of such drastic difference in emotions, all emojis are called smileys. The way Bisleri stands for all brands of mineral water in India.

Read about the different shades of smiles: https://www.enkirelations.com/different-types-of-smiles.html. How many of these do you spot most regularly.

See this Pinterest page to see how 235 emoticons come together to depict smiles. You’ll never be able to complain about the lack of ideas for your content on Pinterest:


Join/follow @worldsmileday & help spread smiles!

To read more about such days and celebrations, visit our website: https://thedigitalfellow.com/international-days

5th Oct - World Teachers' Day

This World Teachers’ Day celebrates teachers with the theme ‘Young Teachers: The future of the Profession’. According to UNESCO, “Over 69 million teachers must be recruited by 2030 for primary and secondary education to meet the SDG 4 education targets.”

Why does it look like a big deal? Because the teaching profession is being disrupted by technology, Artificial Intelligence and automation.

It doesn’t have to be this depressing though. It’s a change – it doesn’t have to be bad. Let’s read about what to do in the face of the change: http://bit.ly/30MDNJh

Nobody is writing the obituary of teaching as a profession yet. Join @Google in celebrating educators and their passion for learning: http://bit.ly/2VbDaYB

While you think about teaching and digital transformation, see how the two come together: https://thedigitalfellow.com/cxo-hub/

Do let us know what you make of it all – teaching & everything digital.

To read more about such days and celebrations, visit our website: https://thedigitalfellow.com/international-days

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