Pulp Strategy introduces product life stage based custom services for startups

The services will aid emerging businesses through their journey from ideation on products to scaling up

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Updated: Aug 21, 2019 2:11 PM

Pulp Strategy, an independent agency in the digital communications and technology space, recently introduced life-stage based custom services for startups that will aid emerging businesses through their journey from ideation on products to scaling up. The services under this new vertical include early stage consulting, proof-of-concept, product design, product development (MVP and MMP), market strategising, customer analytics and insights, brand framework, ASO, product videos and post-introduction product improvement.

The vertical and its encompassing services are structured to provide maximum need gap fulfillment while being customizable to the unique needs of a start-up at any stage of its business journey.

“Pulp Strategy’s services are uniquely placed because along with strong technology development for startups the agency also provides an air tight IP protection and services for need analysis, competition benchmarking, product price-feature set recommendation, product adaptability and scalability framework development and go to market strategy. This mix enables, reduced time & effort with a faster go-to market for startups where an early mover advantage often means the difference between success and failure,” the agency said in a statement.

The top seven challenges of early stage founders include lack of access to cross-functional experience, lack of planning, finding the right people, time management and neglecting marketing and sales. These challenges often lead to delays, botched products, lost code-in short, it leads to an ineffective investor pitch. There simply isn’t enough time and expertise within most small founding teams to put it all together into a winning product.

“The Pulp Strategy vertical is addressing 6 of these 7 problems effectively, lifting the burden of early stage or idea stage startup entrepreneurs. In addition to this, Pulp Strategy also provides tech support for investor pitches to entrepreneurs who need additional tech side experience on the table or do not have a tech co-founder to support the technology narrative for investor pitches,” the statement read.  

Commenting on the services, Ambika Sharma, Managing Director of Pulp Strategy said, “From my personal experience and those acquired by engaging with clients, I have learnt that the most challenging part of entrepreneurship is building a product and a company side by side while bringing it all together. After a point there is no bandwidth left and this leads to important things like design, experience, or even the right customer response format receiving lesser attention than they should. Product and Market development today is based on the idea that ‘less is more.’ However, enterprises often get confused trying to identify what operations should really comprise this ‘less’ part. This is where Pulp Strategy’s suite of services helps, as it includes only those functions and strategies that are needed to develop the best product and market it in a `manner ideally suited for it.  Creating a product in a lean, nimble way with the most essential features packed meticulously helps in quick implementation of strategies rather than laboring on a fat product with lots of complexities involved, albeit it being feature-rich. Many projects fail to take off being trapped in over-engineering with lots of feature addition that provide little value to the users and does nothing but clutter the product and increase the maintenance cost. The newly launched suite of services will definitely help entrepreneurs avoid this scenario.”

One of the important aspect of the services offered, for instance, is developing product design. Design today is broader in its scope than ever before, and it does not limit itself to the way the brand is visually perceived. In fact, design today is conceived at a much more granular and complex level to determine the product’s micro impact on the customer.  Pulp Strategy will help entrepreneurs to identify and add features that enhance desired impact while also discussing on the flow of each feature set and competition benchmarking. Similarly, product development at different stages, whether a Minimum Marketable Product version development for a soft launch or a Minimum Viable Product to collect maximum validated learning about customers with the least effort.

Pulp Strategy evaluates its services based on the need of the product, client opinion and customer feedback. Post this evaluation; the services are implemented in a way that brings technology +content +strategy in a single seamless framework involving cutting edge infrastructure, strong creative support, water tight IP protection and expertise implementation by evaluating the marketing and product strategies implemented by some of the biggest brands in the world.

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