Nintendo hopes for better days with 'Pokemon Go'

Nintendo’s share price is up nearly 60 percent since the launch of the game and if Pokémon Go delivers profits, Nintendo will share its profits with Niantic

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Updated: Jul 14, 2016 8:13 AM
Nintendo hopes for better days with 'Pokemon Go'

Augmented reality has left the world craving for more content and Pokémon Go seems to be the right fit. Millions of players have already signed up for the game and millions more are expected to sign up as the AR and ‘Pokémon Go’ craze goes viral.

What started as a joke on 1st April, 2014 turned into reality in 2016.  Google released a funny video that combined Google Maps and Pokémon’s 2 years ago and it eventually garnered more than 18 million views in all. This idea was turned into reality by John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, the developer of Pokémon Go.

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Nintendo has been sailing in troubled waters for some time now, it was known for its early era video games and lately launched Nintendo Wii. The console sold more than 100 million units and Nintendo failed to hold ground after the death of their CEO Satoru Iwata. The launch of Nintendo’s Wii U sold just one tenth of the number of Wii consoles.

Nintendo has not created Pokémon Go but is a part owner of one of the companies that did (The Pokémon Company) and an investor in the other (Niantic). Nintendo’s share price is up nearly 60 percent since the launch of the game and if Pokémon Go delivers profits, Nintendo will share its profits with Niantic.

According to some media reports, the game has added $9 billion to Nintendo’s market value. Nintendo shares have reportedly risen from $12 billion, to about $30 billion. Nintendo shares jumped 13% in trading on Tuesday after a 25% surge on Monday, sending the Tokyo stock market rocketing for two straight days.

The success of Pokémon Go will, however, give Nintendo the hope of a brighter future.

Nintendo's first mobile game, Miitomo, which was launched in March, found some success too, with more than 10 million players but it was reported that many of the users moved away.

What makes Pokémon Go work?

Powerful Characters

Pokémon Go comes from Niantic and Nintendo is an investor in it. Nintendo over the years has gained fame for various games while Nintendo and Pokémon have been synonymous over the years.


Another character that has been famous like Pokémon with Nintendo’s past has been Super Mario.

The success of Pokémon Go shows how games from the previous decades still command the brand power to pull users towards it. The combination of powerful characters with a brand like Nintendo, which has served its users over the years, with gaming consoles and games seems to be the perfect mix for the game to go viral and become a hit with people across the globe.

Augmented Reality

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game for iOS and Android. The game lets users live their Pokémon fantasies, using their phone’s GPS to travel around the real world, catching virtual pocket monsters.

Augmented reality has been taken to another level of entertainment when it comes to Pokemon Go.  It brings Augmented Reality to a whole set of people who have never tried anything like this, and this could mean a lot to investors who want to use augmented reality to connect with people and market it to them.

Targeting the right audience

The audience that is most intrigued by the Pokemon game are the ones who have been associated with it in their younger days. Pokemon has been around for 20 years now, and fans who were children back then, are today above 20 years of age and most of them own smartphones to download and install the game. This nostalgic factor also works in its favour.

Easy to learn

Pokemon Go is an easy game to learn. This also makes the game universally appealing across all ages and genders.

Social media frenzy

In today’s world trending subjects on social media are the hot topics for discussion among people. Pokemon Go has taken social media by storm, and with every new post on Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, the popularity and the inquisitiveness around the game has kept growing.

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