Lukup Media launches platform for mobile devices

Lukup Media’s platform will allow advertisers to create and deliver unlimited content to mobile devices without the installation of a mobile app

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Updated: Jan 12, 2012 7:21 AM
Lukup Media launches platform for mobile devices

Lukup Media, a company which develops and delivers rich media content and applications across multiple digital media, has launched a unique platform for mobile devices.

With this platform, advertisers and content developers can create and deliver full screen, rich media campaigns and content to mobile users that have a data connection. Kallol Borah, Director, Lukup Media, shared, “The USP of the platform is that unlike SMS that delivers only text, is limited in size and goes into an inbox, rich media mobile campaigns created and delivered using Lukup’s platform does not use SMS and is therefore, not limited by nature or size of content.

Adding further, he said, “SMS as a mobile marketing opportunity is passé and mobile application usage is still very poor as a very reliable brand engagement tool.”

Further, unlike other mobile applications, campaigns created using Lukup’s apps also need no installations on handsets to run. They are instead brought to light to people by way of notifications that they can choose to view and use. Further, the platform allows brands to create engaging content, build a loyal mobile fan base and allow these fans to keep the audience engaged using interesting rich media campaigns delivered from time to time.

Commenting on this, Kallol remarked, “We wanted to create an opportunity for brands and content providers to engage with their audience using mobile rich media which can be pushed to people and does not rely on people remembering to pull content by using applications they install.”

For people to avail of the benefits of associating with brands they love, all they need to do is subscribe to a brand by going to the Lukup URL on a mobile phone. This subscribes them to the brand after which the brand can send rich media campaigns and content to them.

For publishers and application developers, the platform enables very quick development of interactive applications and content that require no programming effort and that is compliant with all major mobile handset software platforms. He said, “Creating applications for multiple handset platforms also have a time and cost barrier.”

Kallol elaborated on the advantages for a consumer when he gets onto the platform. “Unlike SMS, Lukup’s mobile media platform is subscription-based. It is not meant to spam people with unsolicited messages such as Bluetooth and SMS-based platforms. It also provides a rich user experience that involves full screen content, full scale application features and the ability for users to respond back to and engage with content. Lukup’s mobile campaigns are not snippets of ads that get pasted to mobile websites and disrupt user experience like most mobile ad platforms are; they are instead full screen applications. Content and campaigns that run on the platform can also be targeted for delivery according to locations, so that only people in those places receive such content.”

As for the cost involved in this for a brand, it is based on the number of campaign notifications delivered or on cost per engagement. The cost of delivering campaigns is higher than the cost of sending out SMS, but much lower than developing applications or using traditional mobile ads or MMS.

Lukup is already in talk with a few brands. “We have two confirmed brands on board even before we have launched the platform publicly and their campaigns will be running very shortly. We have got very positive response from brands and agencies on the product and expect this to be used by a majority of companies that use or want to use mobile for marketing,” Kallol divulged.

The product will also be available in Android and iPhone appstores.

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