Logicserve Digital unveils its new look

While the new logo is inspired by a question mark, which represents curious nature, the fluid form stands for an adaptive instincts and overall transformation

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Published: Nov 11, 2019 2:54 PM  | 2 min read

Logicserve Digital has given its logo a transformation. The new look includes a fresh take on the colours and visual identity for matching with today's ubiquitous digital world and symbolises its personality traits of being - Curious. Adaptive. Intelligent.

To match the flow of the ever-shifting consumer experience and technology, Logicserve Digital has chosen a fluid shape - symbolising the nature to adapt with the constantly evolving digital era.

What the logo means:

The form of the logo is inspired by a question mark – which represents curious nature.

The fluid form of the logo represents adaptive instincts and overall transformation.

The mnemonic is designed as a profile view of a brain to represent inherent intelligence and thought leadership.

The logo also symbolises growth, ideas, innovation, creativity, data, insights, and transformation which are at the heart of our core capabilities: Media, Creative, Data & Insights, and Technology.

The transformative nature of the logo and the change of shape highlights the ever-changing nature of the industry.

The Shape

A question mark or an exclamation point has a circle which anchors it. In the logo, Logicserve Digital have used a similar anchor. The curved, circle at the bottom is symbolic of curiosity: of questions which lead us forward, of suppositions, which help us leap beyond. It represents the trigger that ignites the fire of change and brings forth transformation.


The fluid shape is symbolic of adaptability. The logo appears as a thought, a distinct perspective. It goes with new thought of Logicserve Digital being a transformative entity.

"The characteristic traits to survive and flourish in an ever-changing world are curiosity, adaptability, and intelligence. We are ready and excited," says Prasad Shejale, CEO and Founder, Logicserve Digital.

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