Jagran New Media launches a women-only website in Hinglish

Unlike many other websites that target millennials, www.herzindagi.com aims to target middle-aged women preferably married and who may even have a child

e4m by Nishant Saxena
Updated: Oct 4, 2017 8:25 AM

Dainik Jagran Group’s digital wing, Jagran New Media launched a women-only website Her Zindagi on 29 September 2017. Unlike many other existing websites which target millennials, www.herzindagi.com aims to target middle-aged women, preferably married, who may even have a child.

‎In conversation with exchange4media, Nikita Bhalla, Lifestyle Editor-in-Chief at Jagran New Media, Dainik Jagran explains why Her Zindagi is a much-needed platform today for a significant population of women who have been ignored by the digital media and how she plans to further help it grow.

What is Her Zindagi and who is going to be its audience?

Her Zindagi is a women-only website. We are targeting women in the age group of about 30, preferably married; they could even be having a child. We are not targeting millennials or college goers, but adult women who are either working or are housewives, raising kids, or may be even unmarried but at that juncture of their lives. The needs of these women are very different from the needs of the millennials.

Will you not miss out on a lot of audience by targeting such a niche audience?

We are happy to do that and cater to a certain segment as I said before. There is a lot of stuff for women in their 20s on other websites and having said that we also have a lot of pieces which cater to women irrespective of their age. So, it is a helpful resource bank for everyone in that sense.

Why would Dainik Jagran want to launch such a website? How big is the market?

There are a lot of websites targeting women but majorly in the English sphere while others cater to the millennials. So there is very little content which is aimed at mothers or married women, her needs, demands, aspirations and her lookout on life.

Also, over the years the game is changing. Hindi is definitely the most evolving market. Any statistic or data you put your hands on, it would get you on the track that Hindi is the new thing. So definitely advertisers are coming on board, content creators and aggregators are concentrating a lot on the Hindi belt and also with the bandwidth cost going down, cell phones becoming cheaper, everything is available at fingertips. It has entered the tier-2 and tier-3 cities and is going way deeper into all kinds of market.

What is Her Zindagi competing with?

We are not competing with any other website. In the truest sense of it, we are the pioneers and we haven’t seen any Hinglish online magazine doing the kind of content and the kind of design that we have prepared for the audience to consume information. In fact, we believe there was a complete gap which is why we have launched the website.

You are using a mix of Hindi and English language on the website. Why?

The way we talk today is very different; we talk in Hindi but also use English words in between. We are much ahead of the time where women don’t understand pure Hindi terms. We have kept a very niche audience, keeping in mind that there is no primarily Hinglish website giving this kind of content to adult women. So that is our baseline.

Being the mother tongue for many, Hindi is the preferable language and also has a growing market. Women are growing socially and are also absorbing things in English. So there is also aspiration in them. Keeping this element of aspiration in mind and combining it with ground reality we understood that Hindi would be best to use when clubbed together with English terms.

It has been learnt that videos work better on web. How you planning to capture that space?

Her Zindagi has a very clear ideology as far as multimedia are concerned; we are very rich media driven. Since it is an online magazine, you have big pictures, images that drive content, interesting videos, multimedia, gifs and slideshows. It is not just the write-up; we also show. We are a picture, design and multimedia heavy website cum magazine. The idea behind having those big images and having text imposed on them is very social driven, very new age. Even social media icons are prominently placed on the website. You can also like an article on the website which gives an idea of the kind of stories that the audience likes.

How are you working on further expanding this offering?

We are focusing a lot on social media as a strategy. We see a lot of women consume data on mobiles, so we are using a mobile-first approach. We will also be building our direct traffic and try to make a lot of things come directly to us. Presently, the editorial team has about seven people. It is a coincidence that we have a women-heavy team and we are looking out to recruit as many more people.

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