Guest Column: Capitalising on mobile marketing - The key things to keep in mind

With mobile technology on the rise, brands cannot ignore the real-time connect, context-based advertising and interactions that can be generated from mobile marketing, says Windchimes

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Updated: Sep 6, 2014 11:27 AM
Guest Column: Capitalising on mobile marketing - The key things to keep in mind

One of the most evolving mediums now that brands can integrate into their marketing strategy is ‘Mobile’. Today, mobile advertising is not only considered as the second screen by most brand evangelists, but is also being looked upon for capitalisation.

Mobile is one of the fastest growing platforms for commerce and keeps the consumers informed at all times, even when they are on the go. It helps consumers to stay in touch with brands and businesses, informed about purchases and also the deals and offers at that time.

Today, everybody has a mobile device, be it a smartphone or a tablet. And undoubtedly the number of mobile device owners is growing year by year making the brand managers, advertisers and marketers re-think their marketing strategy and see how they can capitalise on this.

Having a mobile-enabled and ready site really helps in terms of portability and reach. Hence, marketers should capitalise on these changes in the technology and craft their strategies in a more effective way.

Considering the way digital innovations are happening, mobile marketing is soon to gather momentum and will not only be a competitive advantage for brands, but a survival strategy too.

Talking about survival, one has to keep in mind the essentials of creativity in mobile marketing. Creativity is indeed the soul of any type of marketing or advertising as it makes a difference to brands in a lot of ways.

Creativity is not the only thing required for fitting everything into a mobile screen. The challenge lies in conveying the brand message in a way that only a mobile phone can, leading to an interactive experience and consumer engagement.

Build a responsive site and benefit from a fully reactive website design. With a responsive site, one will not have to create two separate sites. Also, the design adjusts itself to the screen various sizes according to the devices. There is no need to re-direct links to let the mobile users view the correct version of the website. Most importantly, the SEO rankings shoot up.

Bill Rogers, CEO, Ekton, while speaking on these innovations happening, said at Internet World that this is “the future of web design”.

One should ensure the images should resize automatically, else it can ruin the mobile experience for users. Also, there should be no compromise in the quality of images used. Websites, campaigns, e-mails, etc., shared by a brand should be made mobile friendly.

Using geo-location and targeting can be really helpful in delivering a great service. Doing this can help the brands to prompt the closest location of a store, etc., to the user. Latest offers, discount coupons and information about deals sent on a mobile device can lead the consumer towards the brand too.

Another method is to use the phone’s information to personalise the complete experience. But this may seem a little tricky due to privacy issues. However, by using the web cookies marketers can tailor their site or mobile app to be responsive to what customers are searching for.

The image below clearly displays the effectiveness of mobile marketing based on a few important statistical studies:


The transitions happening in the strategising by brands are immense. With mobile technology on the rise, disconnect between the brands and consumers is unlikely. Brand managers are gearing up to mobile and bridging the gap between strategy and implementation. Though mobile marketing is comparatively a very new medium, brands that can crack it, stand to gain. One cannot just ignore the real-time connect, context-based advertising and interactions that can be generated from mobile marketing.

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