launches online market community - ET Speed

Backed by Times Internet Ltd, ET Speed is a real time community platform for market information sharing and dissemination

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Updated: Feb 21, 2012 8:19 AM launches online market community - ET Speed has launched (ET Speed), an open information sharing platform that is powered by the community. Besides offering real-time market information and latest news updates from within ET, ET Speed also offers the views of the most important thinkers and experts in the financial market.

Backed by Times Internet Ltd, ET Speed allows investors and experts to share their views and analysis with an over 7-million-strong unique visitor base through its integration on ET Speed allows users to track updates on the stocks they are interested in, share their views and opinions about financials, and follow companies, industries, media sources or people for information that they can trust. They can follow experts in their areas of interest; share their insight with other users and that too, on a real-time basis. It’s a one stop shop for those interested in financial markets to communicate, share their insights, browse through relevant streams, and connect virtually with similar minded investors.

On the objective behind launching a platform like ET Speed, Rishi Khiani, CEO, Times Internet Ltd (TIL), said, “ET has largely been a publishing site, with little interactivity. We are now offering a platform for our 7 million strong base of readers to share news, insights, tips and interact with other readers. We understand that ET has a unique set of visitors with great insights and knowledge within their respective domains. However, we did not have any tool or product to allow the readers to share this with others and benefit from this knowledgebase. With ET Speed, we believe we have made a beginning. ET Speed is focused on the investing community at present, but can be leveraged by business and corporates as well. The platform will help organisations disseminate information to a large base of investors and other interested parties effortlessly. This will enable them to set high standards of transparency and corporate governance.”

He further elaborated, “While we wanted ET Speed to be a community driven platform, we also understand that for becoming a destination site it is important for it to offer an aggregated view of content from all relevant sites. Therefore on ET Speed, we have aggregated the RSS feeds or Twitter accounts of various sites. This will allow readers to get access to the relevant content from across the web and benefit the websites by helping them gain access to ET visitor’s base and push up their Google Rank on account of linking from ET, which enjoys a high Google Rank score.”

ET Speed is an editorially driven product. The role of the editors in collating, editing, proofing the content ensures that the most relevant content gets showcased to the readers. Additionally, the needs of the long tail of consumers are very different. So Speed will help plug that gap on both the supply side (contributors) and the demand side (readers). Plus, the use of social tools will enable the messages to spread and reach out to the larger audience base.

Khiani further said, “Currently, we do not have a version for smart phones and tablets, but I guess that is the way to go for any Internet product.”

When asked what promotion drive was being undertaken for the new platform, he replied, The “The ET website alone reaches out to about 7 million unique visitors in a month. Add to that the reach of ET newspaper and ET Now television. These, we believe, reach out to most of the relevant community out there. While we will be integrating ET Speed on ET across various levels, we will leverage ET Now and The Economic Times to create the initial buzz. We believe that if the product is right it will gain traction on its own. We have already integrated the social features on ET Speed. Word of mouth works in the social space. We would like to concentrate on making the product better by focusing on the consumer feedback. The consumers could work as our brand ambassadors.”

Users can sign-up for ET Speed using their FB Connect, Twitter ID or any e-mail ID. In the next stage, updates by an ET Speed user will also reflect on their profile on social networking sites.

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