Megha Tata's weekends are a balancing act between adrenaline and spirituality

The COO – BTVI and Vice President – IAA IC may just have perfected the formula to balance travel, adventure, spirituality, family time and me-time

e4m by Naziya Alvi Rahman
Updated: Sep 30, 2017 9:04 AM

Being a working mother in the media industry is hard enough—being the COO of a premier English business news channel, BTVI, and VP of India Chapter of International Advertising Association (India Chapter) is harder still. But that doesn’t stop Megha Tata from living her life to the fullest. Weekends are when Tata unleashes her inner spirit, be it through an adventure-filled bike ride or tuning in to her spiritual side with meditation or volunteering with the Isha Foundation.

“I am constantly torn between the two extremes of resting on weekends and soaking it all in. There is so much to do but you also want to just unwind,” confesses Tata. “However, it’s a combination of balancing and prioritisation,” she adds.

Both Tata and her husband Ariez are motorcycle enthusiasts so biking trip are typically on the cards. “We recently went to Ahmedabad on a bike to be a part of the Rally For Rivers,” shares Tata. Kaas Valley near Panchgani, known for its unique variety of flowers, is an upcoming getaway for the couple. In addition, Tata loves trekking, skydiving, bungee jumping and river rafting. “I attempted skydiving in Croatia—it gets my adrenaline working,” she says.

Her partner-in-crime on her adrenaline-filled adventures is her elder daughter, Dania, who along with Tata’s younger daughter Ananyaa, provide much-needed relaxation. “Dania and I love Bollywood movies; Newton was the last movie that I watched.” Netflix, ‘Game of Thrones’ and the dark series ‘13 Reasons Why’ are some of her binge-worthy favourites.  

Family outings for movies and dinner, experimenting with various cuisines add flavour to Tata’s weekends. “We try not to be strict with our meals on the weekends. We like trying something new cuisine-wise, not the usual tried-and-tested. But we ensure we eat healthy yet tasty food and no Tasty Healthy food is NOT an oxymoron!,” she laughs.

While family time is important for Tata, me-time is as essential for her. “My day starts at 5.30–6 am. That’s me-time for me, setting the plan for the day,” she says. Walking on the beach or working out in the Gym is a favourite activity of Tata’s, but she also admits that she is an “undercover” Yogi. “I have recently embarked on my path to spirituality; it’s through volunteering for Isha Foundation. Every day, I also meditate for half an hour,” she adds. “To relax myself, I like to go to a salon for a good massage and pedicure.” That is, if she can keep her phone addiction at bay. “It’s an addiction I hate but cannot live without. I try but I can’t be away from it,” laughs Tata.

Self-growth is a crucial aspect of moving forward, opines Tata. “I love music and anything that makes me groove,be it rock or trance, ghazal or jazz. I actually did attempt to learn singing. My husband is a musician so there is inspiration around me,” says the music connoisseur who enjoys the annual Jodhpur Music Festival.

So, what’s next on her wishlist of adventures, we ask. “I would love to go on a bike trip on the ASEAN route. It passes through five countries, from India to Myanmar to Thailand, Cambodia and then to Laos.”

Here’s wishing Megha Tata many more adventure-filled and soul-satisfying journeys ahead.

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