I don't need weekends to chill out: Neena Das Gupta, Zirca

For a workaholic mother of two kids, Neena Das Gupta, CEO and Director of ZIRCA, a leading digital solutions company, is surprisingly zen thanks to her family, the Bhagwad Gita

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Updated: Jun 10, 2017 8:14 AM
I don't need weekends to chill out: Neena Das Gupta, Zirca

Finishing off with a long conference call, Neena Das Gupta walks out of her cabin and sits with ease on a chair in the meeting room. “Let’s talk”, says Neena, CEO and Director of ZIRCA, a leading digital solutions company, with a smile to the interviewer who is curious to know what the busy lady does to relax on weekends.

“I don’t need weekends to chill out, I do that throughout the week,” says the lady who runs all day to day management decisions of a company with over 130 employees and six offices across India and overseas. She sleeps post 1 am and is up at 6 am. A few other things she does on day to day basis are writing her diary, reading The Bhagvad Gita, Yoga and listening to music. If this was not enough, she is also a mother of two kids Ryth,16 and Torsha, 10.

“To chill out is an ability. It’s all in your mind. I have a very clear idea of Neena the person and I welcome life as it comes,” says the wonder woman.

However, her idea of an ideal Saturday is to spend time with her kids and husband. On an average Saturday afternoon, the family of four prefers to laze with leisure in the living room with their respective books. While the mom prefers Indian writers like Amitav Ghosh and Chitra Banerjee, Torsha would mostly be hooked to her Harry Porter series. Ryth would be glued to a crime thriller and her husband would read classic fictions. “We are a family of avid readers,” she adds.

Music is another common interest that connects each member of the Dasgupta family. “Our day has to start with music,” says Neena. It could be anything from Indian instrumental music to western classics and Bollywood numbers depending on her mood that day. However, while Neena is restricted to listening and humming, her husband and daughter are trained singers and her son plays the guitar like a rockstar. “We have six different types of guitars at our home besides many other instruments,” Neena added.

Another key priority for the busy lady on weekends is to visit her parents.  The fit and active family also loves trekking together. “For us international holidays are not as much fun as trekking in unexplored natural locales of India. We would do extensive road trips once or twice a year,” she says.

The devout wife also loves cooking “mutton curry and grilled fish” for her husband. The Supermom personally cooks and packs lunch boxes for the entire class of her son and daughter once a month.  “My kids are very particular about me cooking this meal and not the cook,” says a proud Neena.

So, where is the ‘Me time’?  “I think my ‘me time’ is when I sit with my diary and put my thoughts down.  I have been writing a diary for years now. It helps me clear my mind,” she says.

The lady with a strong inclination towards spirituality also ensures that she recites the Gita once a day, mostly before going to bed. “Even if its three lines. I have to read it,” she says.

We wish Neena more peace and success and may we learn her ability to chill out all the time.

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