Unfavourable changes at work forcing you to consider quitting your job? Ask the Doctor

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Updated: May 1, 2018 8:57 AM

Dear Sir,

I have been on one client business for five years now. Last week, in an agency-wide reshuffle, I was assigned to a new group and a new set of clients. My earlier client was a large FMCG business. I have now been assigned to one B2B business and to an e-commerce client. I am not comfortable with my new portfolio. Should I quit?

Arundhati P.

Dear Arundhati,

It does take time to adjust to a new client or a new set of clients, especially after you have been on one client for five years. So, there is nothing untoward that is happening to you.

I think what you need is a bit of patience. What you need is to tell yourself that you are going to enjoy the new portfolio of businesses. The first battle is the battle of the mind. You first need to win that.

To me, your e-commerce client seems like an interesting business to be put on to. There is so much to learn, so much to imbibe. If I were you, I would start by reading up everything on e-commerce as a category on the net. Then go to YouTube and check out all the ads in the category. Then spend all the spare time you have at work or outside work, browsing the sites of your client and those of their competition. Also, I would pick some small items from your client’s site and order them just to experience the goodness of the purchase cycle. Try the same with competitor sites. Basically, immerse yourself in the business of your client. In a few days, I am sure you will understand the client’s business far better and want to contribute your learnings and your experiences to the business.

A week is too early to make up your mind that you are not going to enjoy the new businesses that you are on. Give it time. You will settle in.

Dear Sir,

I am 23-years-old. I started out two years ago as a copywriter with my present agency. My work partner was also fresh out of design school. We made a good team. Last month he quit. I was shifted to work with an art director who is almost double my age. Somehow, he does not give me the right vibes. Also, he almost tries to behave like my boss rather than work as a partner. He has very rigid thoughts and tries to impose them on me. I tried having a chat but he brushed me off as a ‘child.’ I don’t want to work with him. My creative director too does not like my partner but considering his seniority in years, he tries to avoid a confrontation. I am caught in a very unhappy situation. What should I do?

Joe M.

Dear Joe,

Not getting along with your work partner is truly an unhappy situation especially so, after your previous partner and you enjoyed good rhythm together. But such is life.

I think part of your problem is that you are ending up comparing the current partner with the earlier one. What is weighing down the comparison all the more is the age factor. Somewhere in your mind just because the new guy you are working with is much older, you have decided that you do not like him. My view is that you are being far too judgmental and have not had an open mind on the issue.

Look at it this way. Maybe working with someone older, will give you a more mature canvas to work with. If the other guy has about as many years of experience, as you have in age, maybe you should work with him wanting to learn more rather than just wanting to be an equal partner.

Many years ago, I moved up to the position of the President of the agency that I worked in at that time. I was barely 35 years of age. With my elevation, I also needed to shift from Delhi where I was based, to Mumbai, where the agency had its headquarters. So, I was in a new (and bigger) assignment and in a new city. In my new position, I had a colleague who was at least 15-18 years older to me. I think at one point he was also in the running for my job but he now had to be satisfied with a position that reported to me. I could have decided to distance myself from someone who was at least a past competitor. But I decided that this older colleague could actually be my mentor in my new job and in a city I was new to. He had the experience and the outreach, also the maturity I lacked as a young President. The older gentleman actually took me under his wings though technically I was his boss. I actually welcomed his sagacity and his being protective of me. The difference in years between us just melted. He and I became great friends. He was a great mentor and a great supporter. He is now retired and settled abroad but we remain in active touch and are good friends to date.

I would recommend you give your older colleague a chance. Show some respect. Show that you are willing to be mentored and guided and that he can be the ‘senior’ partner. I think you will slowly start to enjoy and benefit from the relationship. 

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