Zivame seeks to break through stereotypes in lingerie advertising

Zivame's first TV campaign seeks to lift the taboo around the topic of lingerie, however, industry experts feel that the ad the commercial misses the zing and is not very memorable or impressionable

e4m by Deepa Balasubramanian
Updated: Sep 13, 2014 11:53 AM
Zivame seeks to break through stereotypes in lingerie advertising

Lingerie e-tail store Zivame has rolled out its first TV campaign to promote itself as the lingerie destination for today’s women. Conceptualised by Fisheye Creative Solutions, the campaign urges women to explore themselves through lingerie. The idea is to encourage them to break away from the taboos and misconceptions around lingerie that still exist in India.

The TVC, which has been directed by Nishant Gangadharan and planned by Dave Banerjee, features Indian women from different age groups, professions and walks of life sharing what they have found at Zivame. From a middle-aged lady policeman who found a ‘Pink Thong’ to a pregnant bride who found a ‘nursing bra’ to a grandmother who found a ‘Tummy Tucker’, the ad seeks to break many taboos prevalent in the Indian society, at the same time communicating how Zivame has a huge variety of products available to suit each person’s individual needs.

Watch the ad here...

Commenting on the campaign, Dave Banerjee, CEO & Strategy Head, Fisheye Creative Solutions said, “Lingerie as a category has always been showcased either in a utilitarian setting or in an obviously sensuous manner. This campaign negates that aging stereotype by showing women comfortably and confidently exploring various lingerie. Something they have never been able to do before.”

Richa Kar, Founder and CEO, Zivame added here, “We are very excited to launch our first television campaign. Lingerie as a category is underserved through offline retail with limited availability of sizes, types and designs. With our campaign we want to highlight how women from across the country are increasingly coming to Zivame and exploring the huge collection that we have on offer, including products they may have never heard of before.”

She further said. “We also want to make lingerie more mainstream. Why should ‘bra’ be an uncomfortable word in today’s time and age? Lingerie is such a mundane and intrinsic part of a woman’s life and yet discussing it is still a taboo. We want women to come out, explore lingerie and be comfortable about it.”

Experts take
Speaking about the ad, P Subramanian, Vice President, OTS Advertising finds nothing great in the ad. He remarked, “May be the advertisement might receive better eyeballs, because the offering is something novel. Good part about the advertisement is it is not getting into the regular sensory, emotional mood when it comes to lingerie, instead they have gone the rational route of telling the consumers that there is lot more to choose. The models could have emoted better.”

Mayank Agarwal, Director & CEO, Geek Online Ventures commented, “The campaign is straight away a product campaign with some knowledge aspect as most of the women in India are jittery talking about this topic and are probably not aware of all the variants available. It is a nice way to showcase the entire range of brands, along with all kinds of women and what they like. There are some funny tones also with the cop saying pink thongs (with a straight face), which are good as recollection.”

“But, the commercial misses the zing and is not very memorable or impressionable. It doesn’t have any action at the end of it. Some user generated aspect is also missing. A #tag is easiest way to link the ad to digital media and get some buzz going,” Agarwal added.

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