The Independence Day ads that touched the creative souls

Creative souls in our ad fraternity spend days and months creating communications for brands for their target consumers. But a campaign becomes all the more challenging when there is no product but a message of patriotism, and the TG is not specific but an entire nation. On this special day, the ad fraternity speak on the I-Day campaigns that touched them the most…

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Updated: Aug 15, 2011 11:34 AM
The Independence Day ads that touched the creative souls

Freedom fighters of our nation did not leave any stone unturned to claim our Independence. The creative minds of our country have also put their best foot forward to create ads that touch one deep inside and spark that feeling of patriotism. Even today ‘Mile Sur Mera Tumhara’ stands as an epitome of creativity, marvellously integrating various cultures and practices in India into one song that rekindles the gratitude towards those who sacrificed their lives to give us a bright future.

Here’s a look at the Independence Day campaigns that are closest to the heart of the creative leaders in our industry…

Nirmalya Sen, Managing Director, TBWA\India - Mile Sur Mera Tumhara
My favourite Independence Day ad ever (though calling it a mere ad is like calling Sachin a batsman) is ‘Mile Sur Mera Tumhara’. Released on Independence Day in 1988, it was an ad from the Lok Seva Sanchar Parishad to promote national integration. The song, for those who are not aware of the fact, was penned by Piyush Pandey and was directed by Suresh Mullick. It fills my heart with pride each time I hear it. Hearing the Late Pt Bhimsen Joshi sing 'sur ki nadiya' still gives me the goosebumps, unfailingly. If an ad ever came close to being a national icon, this is it.

Ratno Rudra, Creative Director, Brand Curry – Too Good to share
I liked the Cadbury Temptations print ad a few years back. It highlighted Kashmir and used the brand line – ‘Too good to share’. I liked it because it echoed the sentiments of India and the brand message fitted perfectly with the context. Moreover, the ad would have worked equally well in the other side of Kashmir as well. A superb ad, absolutely inspiring!  








Anindya Banerjee, Executive Creative Director, Scarecrow Communications - Respect your National Anthem

Strange enough, for a country that spends millions on other commercially important occasions like Diwali and Christmas, very few ads have been done by brands for Independence Day (The ROI was not viable?). But, one campaign that I vividly remember is the ‘Respect your National Anthem’ done by Gajraj of Code Red and Manish-Raghu. An engaging storyline coupled with power-packed performances, it always leaves a lump in my throat. The ad was done a few years back, but it still hasn’t lost any of the freshness.

Sangram Rakshit, Vice President - Delhi, TBWA\India - Intimate human relationship
This ad was done back in 2007 - when a lot of work was about chest-thumping pride marking the 60-year landmark. This one was far more interesting. It offered an alternate point of view on patriotism - that it could be a friendly, personal and intimate human relationship.


Titus Upputuru, National Creative Director, Dentsu Marcom – Quit India movement
The best Independence campaign happened before we got independence. The ‘Quit India’ movement is by far the best that this country has produced. It was a powerful idea that challenged the leaders at that point of time. And it generated participation/ engagement of the entire nation. It was also perhaps the longest and ultimately, the most effective campaign ever. And to come think of it, it was done without a TV or print campaign. It was done using graffiti, pamphlets and rallies. In that sense it was really, really ahead of its time

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