The core message of brand JOY is ‘Beautiful by nature’ says Poulomi Roy

Roy, CMO, RSH Global shares how they conceptualised the TVC for Joy Personal care which encourages women to brush off societal pressures

e4m by Noel Dsouza
Updated: Apr 22, 2019 8:51 AM
Poulomi Roy

In a tropical country like India, applying sunscreen is no longer a luxury. They have become a necessity. The brand Joy Personal Care is the largest sunscreen player in India with over 20 per cent market share. It has inspired women to brush of the society’s perception of beauty standards and reinforce the message that the real beauty of a woman lies within. 

Speaking about the insight and creative vision of the TVC Poulomi Roy, CMO, RSH Global said, “Sunscreen in India is largely promoted as a solution to avoid getting tanned or dark skin, whereas the intention should be to highlight the damaging effects from exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. At the same time, for today’s increasingly knowledgeable consumers, simply choosing SPF is no longer the only consideration, things like broad-spectrum protection & PA+ while deciding which sunscreen to purchase. They are looking for customised solutions as per the age and gender. Also encouraging women to embrace their inner beauty has always been the core of whatever we do. We understand the societal pressures that Indian women have to face and Joy Personal Care has always tried to be a crusader against the stereotypes. With this latest TVC, we are confident that our message that the real beauty of a woman lies within will resonate with everyone.”

The TVC was produced by Kiss Films under the creative direction of Shikha Makan for the client RSH global. The TVC encourages women to embrace their inner beauty and ignore the public notion of how a woman ought to look like. 

exchange4media caught up with Roy of RSH Global as she spills the beans on the TVC, how they produced and executed the ad film and views on the advertising industry. 

Challenges while producing and executing the TVC...
The perennial challenge is to ensure the core message is manifested properly through a 30-sec audiovisual asset.

The message you wanted the Target Audience to take away...
The core message of brand JOY is “Beautiful by nature” which is something we propagate and want people to relate with. For the sunscreen TVC, we also want to highlight that it’s important to be aware and conscious about the skin damage that is happening and hence care is important.

Where do you think the advertising industry is lagging behind? 
Let’s put it this way, 70 per cent of the Indian population lives in villages, a large chunk of which are inaccessible to advertisers. Even though this population contributes substantially to the GDP. This is a challenge though digitisation is helping solve this to an extent. But since India is a 'necessity' economy therefore not a lot of product ads are targeted to people who struggle to fulfil their basic needs.

What are your top three tips for brands when creating custom content?
1.    Creating a story based on a strong insight 
2.    Keep the narrative simple
3.    Keeping it real yet aspirational
Does data play a huge role in the creative process?
Data does not play a role in the creative process, but it does play a role in a brands’ life before the communication is crafted. Data is a prerequisite to deciding on markets, TG analysis and other factors before crafting a communication. 

Creative storytelling according to you is...
A powerful, persuasive and impactful manifestation of a strategic message.

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