Stop water hijacking and buy your own bottle, says Bisleri

In a bid to target the youth and push the 500 ml bottle, Bisleri has refreshed the ‘Kiss to Drink' campaign and used digital innovation for the first time

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Updated: Apr 11, 2013 8:19 PM
Stop water hijacking and buy your own bottle, says Bisleri

Bisleri, the name synonymous with bottled water, has launched an integrated marketing campaign for the 500 ml bottle, a product now on the mind of bottled water majors. Building on the insight that people deny sharing water bottles that are sipped by touching to the mouth, the outdoor leg of the campaign titled ‘Kiss to Drink’ was first introduced in December 2012. In a bid to target the youth and push the 500 ml bottle, Bisleri has refreshed the ‘Kiss to Drink' campaign and has used digital innovation for the first time.

Conceptualised by Soho Square, the set of three ads is youthful, humorous and pushes the idea that one should buy their own bottle to drink water and not share.

Talking about the campaign, Ramesh Chauhan, Chairman and Managing Director, Bisleri said, “We have taken cue from a basic consumer behaviour that we do not like to share water with someone who has touched the bottle to his/her mouth. The campaign takes into consideration this behaviour and asks the consumer to buy their own bottle and drink straight from the bottle (kiss).”

In a commercial titled ‘Classroom’, a girl is shown working on her computer, when a boy joins her and asks if she has called off her relationship with her boyfriend. He tells her that he had seen her boyfriend with another girl and then takes a sip from her Bisleri bottle. The girl screams and yells, ‘Kiss karke peena hai toh apni bottle kharid na!’ The second commercial titled ‘Angry Bride’ shows a newly married couple in a bus where the groom wakes up to a scary dream and shouts. He takes a sip from the bride’s Bisleri bottle. The bride slaps the groom and yells, ‘Kiss karke peena hai toh apni bottle kharid na!’ In the third commercial titled ‘Superhero’, the superhero brings the stolen bag of an old lady back from the thief. He takes the Bisleri bottle from the old lady and takes a sip. On seeing this, she hits the superhero and screams the same message.

Jayanti Chauhan, Director, Bisleri added, “The key message boils down to getting the consumer to get his/her own bottle as 500 ml is enough for one person. India has become a 1 litre market whereas 500 ml bottle is more convenient without being expensive. We aim to aggressively push the 500 ml to the on-the-move consumers.”

Conceptualised by Soho Square, the ECDs and Creative Heads, Anuraag Khandelwal and Satish deSa shared, “How many times have you returned to your desk, to find somebody has taken a swig from your water bottle? We took the annoyance one feels when confronted with a water hijacker, and amped it up in the three films. Setting out to change a social behaviour, we added the motley crowd in the end.  They urge the offending person to get his own bottle if he intends to ‘kiss and drink’. We hope serial offenders will think twice before stealing the next swig.”

Marketing mix
Elaborating on the marketing mix, Shraddha Waikar Nathani, Marketing Head, Bisleri shared, “Bisleri has earmarked 30 per cent of its annual marketing spend towards the campaign and would be spreading it over three months starting April 2013. We have planned an integrated marketing approach for popularising this campaign and hope to connect with the target audience effectively.”

The campaign embarks by releasing its three TVCs digitally across platforms followed by on-air, radio and on-ground events. The digital initiative has been conceptualised and executed by Flying Cursor. Using Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and more, the ads will be released across all platforms and several contests are also being launched simultaneously. The hash tags #Shabhash and #Dontshare, which capture the essence of the campaign will be integrated within the entire plan. An extensive outdoor and radio plan is also in the offing, she added.

The integrated marketing plan also features on-ground events which are being managed by Nash Events. A series of flash mobs/ fun contests are being planned which shall be executed in key metro cities. By the end of the year, Bisleri is looking at a 40 per cent increase in the 500 ml SKU.

How youthful and humorous is the ad?
The creative fraternity feels that the ad is refreshing and humorous. The insight is very well executed and will help drive sales of this category.

Deepti Sakhuja, VP, Everest Brand Solutions, Delhi said, “Bisleri communication has an interesting twist to the category with the current proposition. ‘Jhoota’ has been appropriately used for the act of sipping through the bottle. An interesting take well executed.  The superhero story reflects a fresh angle to it, steering away from the clichéd approach. Encouraging the audience to buy their own bottle will directly cater to the sales objective of the brand.”

Chetan Sharma, Creative Director, What the Hell? said, “This campaign will make the viewer laugh. The arrival of the new 500 ml variant is conveyed nicely by using slapstick humor, supported by a nice insight of ‘Jhoota’, subtly highlighting the purity of Bisleri.  'Kiss to drink' is a good proposition. Let's see how it picks up. The cast is very apt and the reactions/situations make it look even funnier. All the three films are nice. Particularly the superhero film is a lovely execution. But, if you look at the Angry Bride film, the setting and colour temperature gives it a hint of being a Fevicol film. All in all, the campaign is engaging and delivers well.”

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