RK Kabel’s New Ad Campaign Amps Up Bromance Between Electricity & Uct

RR KABEL went on an awareness crusade on how UCT technology can help save electricity while making it safe.

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Updated: Jan 13, 2018 9:26 AM

After the successful launch of their first campaign, RR KABEL tells us how it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. Like how choosing something as simple as wires with UCT technology can bring a greater safety quotient. The pioneer in introducing the patented Unilay Core Technology (UCT) wires in India, RR KABEL’s digital awareness activation created more than a buzz on social media.

This was done by a series of engaging videos, conceptualized by IdeateLabs, with an aim to inject interest into an area ruled by austere functionality. As the B2B film sphere is rarely one of entertainment, Electricity and UCT technology were personified to add a human touch. It gave users a reason to watch and share the videos. This strategy enabled the UCT concept to be made simpler, enhancing brand recall.

Taking a cue from Jay and Veeru’s bromance from that timeless Bollywood classic, Sholay, the journey of Electricity and UCT’s friendship was established through a series of teaser ads. The challenge to convey an engaging message in such a short span, was easily overcome with humour added to the script to make it more riveting – thus breathing life into the unconventional characters.

To capture the attention of users, the character makeup of Electricity was built on a mischievous personality, a bundle of energy, resulting in him getting involved in amusing capers. Electricity does not mean any harm, but unwittingly gets into tricky situations that he needs to be bailed out of. On the other hand, UCT was molded on a mature character, always looking out for Electricity and keeping him out of harm’s way. The character makeup together with the humorous antics encountered by the two friends, makes for quite an entertaining watch.

The campaign began with 3 short teaser videos, followed by the extensive launch films that explored the safety and cost-saving features of UCT. The combination of the teasers and the launch films outlines Electricity’s search for his best friend, UCT, who then finally finds him at the RR Kabel factory. The stories included adventures like ‘UCT Electricity ko bachata hai’, where Electricity distractedly crosses the road without realizing that a vehicle is speeding towards him, while the ever mindful UCT saves him in fraction of a second. Or another escapade of ‘UCT helps in saving money’, where Electricity sneakily takes money from people's wallets, while a watchful UCT quietly puts the money back when Electricity's back is turned. The videos subtly highlight the features of RR Kabel’s UCT, and how it helps provide safety from electric shocks, even as it saves on the power bills.

The campaign created curiosity amongst the viewers about UCT and Electricity. The quirky dialogues from the teaser videos garnered quite a fan following, with meme-makers jumping into the fray with the oft-repeated ‘UCT ko dekha kya?’ line. This got users not only creating and sharing the amusing memes, but asking questions and searching for the meaning of UCT on social media and search sites. Going viral was an understatement with the engagements on Facebook that soared with the campaign culmination of ‘UCT mil gaya’, resulting in a slew of new memes, shares and comments. With the suspense generated, and the curiosity factor upped, even celebrities like Rannvijay Singh, Saina Nehwal & Bani J took notice of this campaign and expressed their excitement when ‘Electricity & UCT finally met’. By drumming up interest about the mystery of UCT, users were successfully engaged, proving the approach worked, and within a short span, the campaign received over 32,000 social media engagements & over 34 lakhs video views across online platforms.

To simplify the concept of UCT, the campaign was further amplified on all digital fronts. A novel version of story was created on a new interactive microsite that gave users an immersive experience.

On the success of the UCT campaign, Kirti Kabra, Director, RR Kabel comments, “Electrical safety is a vital issue but often neglected. Thus, we introduced Unilay Core Technology in India. This campaign helped us spread awareness about the need, importance, and benefits of using the next-gen wires with Unilay Core Technology in day-to-day life. This association led us to reach the relevant target audience.”

Christopher Higgins, Business Head, IdeateLabs says, “Our challenge was to introduce the brand’s innovative technology and make people understand its importance but in an interesting manner. In a low-involvement category, where grabbing the viewer’s attention is the crucial part, Our approach combined viral short videos with an innovative media strategy that included social media, news and lifestyle websites and programmatic mobile advertising.

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