Remembering V Ramani: Harit Nagpal

Harit Nagpal, MD & CEO, Tata Sky, shares his memories of V Ramani, who passed away on August 1 and an interesting discussion that they had engaged in

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Updated: Aug 2, 2012 7:45 PM
Remembering V Ramani: Harit Nagpal

I knew V Ramani, yet I didn’t know him at all. It was a few years ago when the Ad Club called me for a session before the Abbys. As I hate speeches, both delivering and listening, I requested for a discussion instead and they agreed. Ramani, whom I had never met before, was my partner. We were introduced on mail, we spoke over the phone and decided to meet half an hour before the session to plan the chat.

We met at 1.30 pm in the bar and over two quick drinks exchanged our thoughts. He preferred my format and suggested that we dump his. That said, we were in front of the audience at 2 pm and what was supposed to be a debate, culminated into a discussion with a conclusion that both sides agreed upon.

Not that something like this was happening for the first time. An ‘absolute’ repeat of this event took place with Shanta of Saatchi sometime later. But Ramani was a master of spontaneity. A man with a heart bigger than his body.

Infect your new surroundings too, my maverick friend.

The author is Managing Director and CEO, Tata-Sky.

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