‘RawCycle is a bid to bring a change & boost brand image’

Anuj Rakyan, Managing Director, Founder, Raw Pressery, shares his insights on RawCycle, the brand's initiative to convert empty plastic juice bottles into apparel

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Updated: Jun 14, 2019 8:59 AM
RAW Cycled

Several brands in recent times have not just been talking about the functional approach of their product but are doing much more with their brand messaging to create awareness and instil a behavioural change in their consumers. 

Taking a step forward along this thought is RAW Pressery. The brand is taking a conscious step to decrease the amount of plastic that is getting dumped in our oceans. Instead of just building awareness, the brand has gone one step forward with its new recycling initiative, RawCycle. The initiative will transform empty plastic juice bottles into apparel. 

The idea of RawCycle was introduced to further extend Raw Pressery’s ‘All Good. No Bad’ brand philosophy. 


We, at exchange4media, spoke to Anuj Rakyan, Managing Director, Founder, Raw Pressery about the new initiative. 


Edited excerpts: 


Insight and brief 
As a brand, we believe in trust and transparency and our brand philosophy of ‘All good. No bad’ extends from sourcing to production. We are a clean label brand and we believe in sustainable solutions. We use plastic bottles for our juices as they are cold-pressed, never pasteurized and undergo high water pressure processing (HPP) technology for preserving the juice. Plastic is the only element that can sustain the pressure, glass cannot withstand the high pressure. Any juice that’s in a Tetrapak or a glass bottle is pasteurized in order to have a shelf life and pasteurizing impacts the nutritional value of the juice. Glass is also heavier and requires more fuel energy to transport, thus affecting the environment with a higher carbon footprint. 

These facts made us think hard for an innovative solution and find creative ways to effectively manage plastic waste.

Impact and goal of initiative
Our primary goal is to mitigate the amount of plastic that’s getting dumped in our wastelands and oceans. Seven Raw Pressery bottles make one Raw Cycled T-shirt. From the time we started, we have successfully collected 1.2 million bottles. It’s just a drop in the ocean now but every drop counts.  

Does this initiative increase the brand value of RAW Pressery? 
From the very beginning, at Raw Pressery, we take action to be part of the solution and that’s why we decided to transform ‘waste into wear’ by collecting used bottles and recycling them into apparel. We believe that by simply following our core philosophy of being ‘All Good. No Bad’ we can boost the brand image in a much positive way and meaningfully impact people’s lives. 


Have you used social media to market and highlight this initiative? 
Social media has been one of the key drivers for us to spread awareness and bring in people to the RawCycled revolution. We launched the brand on World Ocean Day with more than 50 social media influencers, including our brand investor Jacqueline Fernandez, talking about waste management and how it has started a wave of change. We want to lead dialogue actively on our social media pages to regularly engage and interact with our audience and keep the conversation alive on recycling. 


This campaign is about driving a behavioural change? What steps is the brand taking to drive this conscious change?
The first step of change is having a conversation. At Raw Pressery, we have conversations with customers on the benefits of cold pressed vs heated juices, no added sugar, no concentrates, and thereby communicating how we are different. Along the way, we also ensure that we address all queries that comes our way in order to educate, inform and clarify the doubts of consumers. We are also encouraging conversations and giving people simple steps to bring a change. Giving options for collection of empty bottles or mailing are part of the same process.


Many brands are getting into campaigns that have a social responsibility instead of having a more functional approach. Views on this?
We don’t think of RAWCycle as a corporate responsibility but as an environmental responsibility. We have consciously considered environmental impact as part of our organization’s strategy. We want to set an example that alternative waste management is possible and achievable.


The message you want the consumers to take away...
We want to involve maximum people in our initiative by not just wearing the T-shirt but also by helping to manage waste in the most efficient way. Anyone who has more than 20 empty bottles can approach us and our team will get them collected to start the recycling process. You simply have to visit the RawCycled website and fill up a form under the ‘start recycling’ section. Alternatively, you can also join the RawCycled revolution with as little as one bottle by sending us the same at the address mentioned on the website.

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