Ranbir Kapoor dunks into the Oreo family

This is the first time that two adults have been shown in the ad in order to avoid being seen as a kids' brand

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Updated: Dec 9, 2013 8:17 AM
Ranbir Kapoor dunks into the Oreo family

Twisting, licking and dunking its way into Indian hearts, Oreo has already cornered a major stake in the premium cream biscuit market. This ritual of Oreo has brought fun-filled moments of bonding to countless families across the world. In 2011, Cadbury launched Oreo in India with attractive packaging at affordable price points. Through innovative advertising and clever pricing strategy, Oreo has clocked in sales and eaten into the shares of many biscuit giants.
In some of the ads, they have portrayed the chemistry between an adult and a child and in the recent ad for the strawberry cream variant, the brand has brought alive the playful equation between siblings. On the digital front, Oreo is one of the most engaging brand and Oreo Daily Dunks are the popular trends transformed to a creative expression. They are shared on the Oreo Facebook page to drive conversations. Each of the Daily Dunks shared on Facebook have received a good response in terms of shares, comments and likes. This endearing endeavour has worked in favour of the brand even on Twitter.

Ranbir, Karthi and Oreo are now friends
Recently, they have announced Ranbir Kapoor and Karthi as brand ambassadors for Oreo in India to take the family togetherness platform to the next level. This is the first time that two adults have been shown in the ad in order to avoid being seen as a kid’s brand. The two brand ambassadors have be introduced through a new campaign – ‘Connect Playfully’, based on the unique relationship shared by siblings. Oreo has been shown as the taste that bridges the divide between siblings. The new campaign captures the camaraderie and innocent mischief that underlines the relationship shared by siblings. The TVC has slice-of-life moments showcasing the spirit of competitiveness, childish rivalry and genuine love between a brother and sister.

Chella Pandyan, Associate Vice President – Biscuits, India & South Asia at Mondelez International shared, “We have had a successful journey since the launch in 2011. The consumer response to our whole mix so far has been great and we have been able to develop strong brand equity. It is our continuing endeavour to extend appeal of Oreo and this new campaign is a key step in that direction.”

He further stated, “Ranbir and Karthi have universal appeal and personalities that perfectly fit the lighthearted personality of the brand. We believe that with both of them on board it is going be a fun ride taking Oreo’s appeal to the next level.” The same set of ads will feature Tamil star Karthi in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The core target audience for the campaign is mothers and with the new ad, the brand aims to broaden the appeal.

Apart from the TVC, a 360-degree campaign with outdoor, digital, radio and on-ground activities has also been planned to take the Oreo experience to more consumers.

Robby Mathews, National Creative Director, Interface Communications said, “It’s a fact of life. Siblings fight at the drop of a hat. And they make up even faster. This new film captures this life truth in a memorable manner.”

Such is the popularity of the cookie that cafes and ice-cream parlours have introduced Oreo-flavoured shakes and ice-creams. So, what is the need for a brand ambassador for a hugely popular brand? Are they trying to expand their consumer base and avoid being called a kid’s brand?

Ramanujam Sridhar, Founder CEO, brand-comm explained, “Celebrity endorsements in India are much more than in any other country, and this is perhaps to my mind another such example of that. Oreo is a widely-advertised brand and is recognised by almost everyone. Its acceptance is more than any other brand, so maybe they want to build on it and distance themselves from everybody else.”

“Ranbir Kapoor endorsing is a way of creating dominance for the brand. I am seeing a little change in the advertising also, because earlier there was a father and a daughter shown in the ad and the latest one has two siblings celebrating a birthday. It is typical Cadbury route of reaching out to young adults in addition to the earlier target audience. If they are widening their target audience and looking at teens instead of kids of 8-9 years old, then it makes sense as Ranbir is more appealing to the teens. But to my mind, it is a bit of an overkill,” Sridhar added.

According to KV Sridhar, Chief Creative Officer - India Subcontinent at Leo Burnett, the way the communication has been done will be very attractive for children as well as adults. “They want the brand to be universally likeable and create a wider appeal, hence they have roped in Ranbir Kapoor. He is liked by everyone and every parent wants a son like him, every sister wants a brother like him and every girl wants to have a boyfriend like him. So, the idea of roping him is a perfect one. It is the Cadbury’s strategy of having things that have a universal appeal. Even Gems expanded from children to adult consumption and Oreo is also adopting the same strategy,” he added.

KV Sridhar further said, “Oreo is not alienating from children, unlike others, and sibling rivalry is easily relatable for a 5-year old as well as a 50-year old. It is a charming commercial and will keep the audience hooked.”

Hence, this is not just another celebrity endorsement. It might be a game-changer for Oreo, helping them increase their market share and give sleepless nights to many.

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