Ranbir Kapoor's playful ride on Hero Maestro makes scooters cool

The ad brings a light-hearted twist to the age-old conversation between a boy and a girl. The entertaining storyline & excellent casting will urge youngsters to relook at the scooter category

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Published: Oct 31, 2013 9:01 AM  | 5 min read
Ranbir Kapoor's playful ride on Hero Maestro makes scooters cool

Riding on the popular thought that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, Hero has once again captured the imagination of the youth with its latest commercial that is a celebration of ‘boyhood’ with the Hero Maestro – the first and only scooter that’s made for boys.

The idea is to bring out the behaviour of today’s boys and give an enjoyable, light twist on the age old conversation between a boy and his girlfriend. The girl is always thinking about the future and about bigger plans, but the boy is living in the present, which brings about a fun and playful exchange of words as the couple rides along on the Maestro.

The film opens with actor Ranbir Kapoor picking up his unhappy girlfriend on his Hero Maestro. She is shown tensed and tells Ranbir that she is not comfortable. He shifts the conversation and says the seats are quite comfortable. The girl gets annoyed and tells him that she’s serious, and asks for how long will this continue. Ranbir answers by saying it will go far, with its superb mileage. She tells him, “Just look at you. Kabhi toh serious ho jao”. He says with a serious face, “Marry me”. She asks if he is serious, he nods in affirmation and then in disagreement. She smiles. The voiceover concludes by saying, “Boys ki life and Maestro ki ride; easy hai”.

Anil Dua, Senior VP (Marketing and Sales), Hero MotoCorp said, “We revived the stagnant domestic scooter market with the launch of our women-specific scooter ‘Pleasure’ in 2006. Having owned that space, the launch of Maestro – specifically targeted at boys – has now created a lot of fun and excitement in the scooter market. Maestro has been a runaway success and within a very short span of time since its launch late last year, we are now selling over 30,000 units of Maestro per month on an average. These numbers are only going to go up as the new TV commercial, featuring Ranbir, has certainly succeeded in creating a buzz around scooters – boys now do feel that riding a scooter is cool.”

On the idea behind the film, Sanjay Sharma, Group Creative Director, Draft FCB-Ulka Delhi said, “We wanted to bring out the ‘boyish’ attitude, which Maestro stands for, in a way that is relevant to the contemporary society. It’s a new dimension – a light-hearted take on the way future is dear to the girls and present to the boys.”

Sanjay Tandon, COO, Draft FCB-Ulka Delhi said, “Maestro is a brand built around boyish idiosyncrasies. With its solid masculine body, spacious comfortable seats and superb mileage – Maestro has a strong appeal for the boys, as reinforced by Ranbir exuding his boyish charm.”

Has the playful charm helped?
Expert take

Prathap Suthan, Managing Partner and Chief Creative Officer, Bang in the Middle said, “Overall, it’s a well made commercial. It makes you smile. But it may not make me run and buy a scooter. But it may make metro teenagers re-consider a scooter when they are absolutely over and done with motorcycles. The use of Ranbir Kapoor across the Hero stable is a good idea; especially, when scooters have just about lost their masculinity, at least in the urban jungles. I really don’t know any youngster who is straining at the leash to buy a scooter – whether it’s Italian, Japanese or Indian.”

“In that context, the easy ride and the easier plot, make a well-balanced watch. At least, it’s not trying too hard to deliver toughness. The interplay between the guy’s mischievousness and the girl’s seriousness is pretty efficient. It does bring out the product story. Again, without a hammer,” he added.

“One question – why does the girl sit sideways? I’d have thought if she straddled the scooter, it would have just given boys one more intimate reason to own a scooter. Currently, her sitting posture adds more conservative concrete into what I always thought about scooters and the people who ride them,” he said.

According to him, Ranbir is turning out to be a fabulous actor, and plays his part out with brilliance. But he hasn’t overshadowed the girl. She is ultra cool herself.

Our take
“Don’t argue, you cannot win…it’s impossible,” this is a usual advice to the boys. But if you have a playful spirit like Ranbir with the masculine styling of Hero Maestro, you can not only win hearts but also the mindless arguments of your girlfriend.

The ad is playful and entertaining with Ranbir’s witty dialogues. The seriousness of the girl about the future and the love for the present of Ranbir has been portrayed very well. It might as well remind some of us about our good old days.

The ad is very different from the usual ads in the category and the features of the scooter are very intelligently weaved into the script. Hero’s strategy behind roping the quintessential boy Ranbir Kapoor with his inimitable style and incredible talent makes the ad more memorable. Shot in Fort Kochi, Kerala, along the quiet roads and vibrant backgrounds, the ad will surely garner eyeballs.

The entertaining storyline, charming visuals, along with an excellent casting and lively sound track will urge youngsters to relook at the category.

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