Raj is proof that our ECDs can be NCD or CCO in any other agency: Josy Paul

The Chairman & Chief Creative Officer, BBDO talks about Raj Deepak Das' recent exit from BBDO & appointment as CCO at Leo Burnett India; BBDO's new wins & the agency completing six years

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Updated: Apr 29, 2014 8:05 AM
Raj is proof that our ECDs can be NCD or CCO in any other agency: Josy Paul

Josy Paul Chairman & Chief Creative Officer, shares his thoughts on Raj Deepak Das’s recent exit from BBDO and appointment as Chief Creative Officer Leo Burnett India,BBDO’slatest business wins which includeGeneral Mills (Parampara and Haagen Dazs), PepsiCo's Mirinda, and Tourism Australia. Paul also talks about the six year journey of the agency which creates ‘acts and not ads’.

Raj Deepak Das, who was an ECD at BBDO, was appointed as CCO at Leo Burnett, what are your views on this? Who is being appointed as ECD at BBDO India ?

All of us are proud of Raj and excited for him in his new role. Raj has been a part of BBDO for ten years – and remains a great friend of the agency. Raj is proof that our ECDs have the capability to be an NCD or CCO in any other agency. As a young agency, BBDO is producing some of the industry's most impactful work and creative talent. Our strong creative culture and focus on new age ideas and brand movements make us the agency of the future. We have a fantastically talented group of creatives who will make sure that we maintain this vision and our creative standards. We know that Raj will be an able ambassador of our belief that India needs more 'Acts Not Ads'. We wish him well – and hope that he continues our quest to improve creative standards in India.

Do you fear more creative leaders being taken by other agencies after this appointment ?

May we take this question as a compliment? The truth is that our top management and leadership team are friends first. We are well knit and operate like a single body working closely with our clients. That's our united strength. The agency is run on fundamentally strong beliefs. There is no fear, only opportunity.

Can you share with us the new business wins for BBDO India in the last year?

We won major businesses last year – General Mills (Parampara and Haagen Dazs), PepsiCo's Mirinda, Tourism Australia, three new 'movements' from P&G and many special projects from Hyatt.

BBDO India completes six years in India this year, how has the journey been for the agency who creates acts and not ads?

BBDO India was founded on our collective belief that India needs more 'acts not ads'. We realized that action based ideas hold greater credibility, authenticity and have the ability to generate higher levels of engagement. We believe our 'movements' work for P&G, PepsiCo, J&J, Aviva and other clients are shaping the new language of the industry. Our approach is very collaborative in nature and we work with so many partners who help us achieve our client's dreams and ambitions. We try and see how our ideas can contribute to the social and cultural fabric of India even as they grow the bottom line and influence sales and other brand equities.

What are the most successful acts created by the agency in the last five years( with regards to response and impact)?

Here are a few that come to mind immediately. This is not the full list but a glimpse of our transformational work for brands :

• Gillette 'Women Against Lazy Stubble'
• Aviva 'Great Wall of Education'
• 7 Up Bappi Lahiri (Sone ke Nimbu offer)
• Gillette 'Shave Sutra'
• GE 'Indigenous Art'
• J&J 'Share the Language of Love'
• 7 Up 'Cricket Pattalam' (in TN)
• Nimbooz Launch campaign
• Gillette 'You shave I shave'
• Visa 'Dream to Advance' (Cycle Generator)
• Plan India's 'World's Youngest applicant’
• Visa 'Dream to Advance' (Women's Education)
• Gillette 'Shave or crave’
• 7 Up 'I feel Up'
• 7 Up 'Tweetathon'
• White Collar Hippies (print/digital campaign)
• Mirinda "What's your pagalpanti?"
• Gillette 'Soldier for Women'
• Gillette 'Unshaved is unbathed'

Almost all our work has been recognized by award juries, client juries, senior industry leaders, the mass media, and the public at large.
They've won at Cannes, Spikes Asia, Clios, Effies, AMEs, Goafest and at the global awards of P&G and PepsiCo.

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