Ola urges users to share inspiring stories of drivers in 'Heroes of Ola’

Ola has also unveiled a digital film that highlights how driver-partners are real-life heroes in spite of the trials they may face in their everyday lives

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Updated: Jan 20, 2020 4:01 PM

Ola, India’s largest ride-hailing companies, has announced the launch of its ‘Heroes of Ola’ program which recognises the efforts of driver-partners who continue to go above and beyond their call of duty. The company is reaching out to its 200 million+ consumers through various platforms, to enable sharing their experiences with Ola driver-partners, who through big or small gestures, have gone above and beyond to serve customers, or have displayed exemplary character in service of the public.

 As part of the launch campaign, Ola has also unveiled a digital film that highlights how driver-partners are real-life heroes in spite of the trials and travails that they may face in their everyday lives. The film highlights the sense of responsibility and patience that these driver-partners display by prioritising their customers at all times and serving as an inspiration for their families and fellow driver-partners. The program brings forth the fact that a driver partner’s heroism can come in many forms - from taking that extra turn to returning a phone or a bag that a customer may have left behind in the cab to even the many instances of showing compassion to injured animals on the roadside or extending support to a pedestrian who may need help!

 Commenting on the initiative, Arun Srinivas, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Ola said, “Ola is focused on providing a platform that is equally convenient for its driver-partners as well as its customers. More often than not, the contributions of driver-partners go unnoticed. We find thousands of instances around us of courage, compassion and empathy from our service providers. Heroes of Ola is one such platform to bring these inspiring experiences to the forefront.”

 He further added, “The ‘Heroes of Ola’ platform aims to showcase and appreciate the efforts of Ola’s driver-partners who ensure that customers have a delightful experience, even if it means going beyond their call of duty. These experiences can serve as an inspiration to fellow driver-partners as well as every one of us in whatever we do.”

 Ola’s customers can share their stories with #HeroesofOla on the company’s social media channels including Instagram and Twitter as well as through their in-app feedback section.

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