Jaquar Lighting campaign: A perfect fusion of creativity, quirkiness & curiosity

The brand’s recent ad campaign, created by Enormous Brands, has left ad experts and netizens awestruck with its narrative, storytelling, and the equity it builds for the brand

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Published: Apr 6, 2022 8:43 AM  | 2 min read
Jaguar Lighting Campaign

What comes to your mind when you hear the brand name Jaquar? Most people would say bathroom fittings! But it has been close to six years that Jaquar has also been dealing in the lighting segment, something that many might not have a great top-of-mind recall for. The brand’s recent ad campaign, created by Enormous Brands, for its lighting range wonderfully deals with the insight and creates a high-impact visualisation for the segment. The campaign has left the netizens and ad experts impressed with its narrative, storytelling, and the equity it builds for the brand.

Brand-Nomics MD Viren Razdan is also impressed with its creativity, he quips, “It is a cut-through creative; great idea to leverage your current equity and use it to launch another product.”

Communications Consultant Karthik Srinivasan writes in his blog, “For 2022 IPL, it seems Jaquar has finally realized that its brand perception and imagery is completely etched on the bath fittings range and that it needs to be something specific to shake up that perception to also include lighting… The new campaign, launched for the IPL this year, by the agency Enormous, seems bang on target! It is humorous and revels in the fact that Jaquar is a well-known bath fittings brand. And it informs that Jaquar also has an extensive lighting range, now.”

Brand Strategist, Coach & Brand-Building Founder Ambi Parameswaran says that the campaign manages to turn a weakness into a strength, “Jaquar is a premium brand of bathroom fittings. That is a strength and a weakness too. When you say Jaquar you automatically remind people of bathrooms and bathroom fittings. The ad manages to turn a weakness into an advantage by leading the viewer on till the twist is revealed at the end - Jaquar also makes light fittings. Without saying much it makes the viewer draw the conclusion that if Jaquar is putting its brand on electrical fittings, they better be as good as their bathroom accessories. A very enjoyable ad that works at many levels.”

Srinivasan adds that the campaign will surely have functional benefits too, “In terms of the functional benefits, the 3 ads cover 3 kinds of use-cases: home lighting, office lighting, and outdoor lighting! But the narrative device remains the same, and it seems funny each time since this is the kind of terrific visual gag that can evoke laughter and curiosity effortlessly.”

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