Hero: From emotions to adventure

The Hero TVC has scale, great production value and is well shot but the purpose of the ad is missing, say creative honchos

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Published: Oct 12, 2012 9:18 PM  | 5 min read
Hero: From emotions to adventure

It was the Independence Day fever when Hero unveiled the emotionally gripping communication, announcing the launch of the new brand ‘Hero’ and giving the nation a new chant of self belief – ‘Hum mein hai Hero.’ Resting on the popular saying, ‘Consumer is the king’, Hero showed people from different walks of life singing in the spirit of ‘Hum Mein Hain Hero’. The brand shifted the needle from collectivism to individualism, highlighting consumer stories rather than a larger-than-life brand story.

The brand has come up with a new action packed campaign showcasing Ranbir Kapoor for the first time in a film for Hero, and his first ever performance in the role of an action hero. This film is all about ‘Unleashing this Hero within’ and an extension of the ‘Hum mein hai Hero’ campaign, personified through the youth icon.

“The entire intent behind the ad is to reflect the mood and attitude of the brand through the youth icon, Ranbir Kapoor and to showcase our four premium bikes. The TVC is a mixed bag of challenges, opportunities and optimism, which is how you define Hero. It is not about transition from the previous TVC but it is an independent film. The challenge was to present the icon and his personality in a refreshed manner in front of the audience. Hence, Ranbir is shown as an action hero for the first time on screen creating freshness. It is the celebration of a hero in a new avatar,” said Sanjay Sharma, Group Creative Director, Draft FCB Ulka.

The film portrays the story of a young man who finds action, adventure, romance all in a day as he takes on the all the challenges. The protagonist (Ranbir Kapoor) finds a way out of all odds because of various bikes from Hero’s stable. His journey begins with an Xtreme, moves on to an Impulse, then to a Hunk and finally ends on a Karizma ZMR. The TVC was shot over a period of five days, starting at Mumbai and then moving to Budapest, Hungary. The film is directed by Ravi Udyawar of RUfilms and the music is given by Abhishek Arora.

"We wanted to portray the ad as a stylish epic hero film showcasing Ranbir in a new avataar. Ranbir is shown as a free bird, who likes to take up new challenges. It is an action-packed flick which shows all the Hero bikes. The stunts in the film are very real and believable, because we did not want the film to look dramatic. The whole idea of doing an underwater action and exchange of the key makes the film interesting,” said Ravi Udyawar, Director RUfilms. “The music in the ad is more like a thematic movie score rather than the jingle format that is commonly used in the commercials,” he added.

Industry speaks
Roopak Saluja, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Bang Bang Films said, “The ad is very well produced and they have taken good advantage of the city, while highlighting certain characteristic aspects without making it too dominating. They have made it look like a feature film with a Hollywood tinge, which works for the ad. However, they could have made a memorable piece of music giving a different kind of vibe to the film. The production value is great but the story line is not very clear.”

“The story line of the ad is not very effective and each time when he takes up a new bike and performs stunts, creates confusion. The ad is produced well and they have tried to make the ad interesting by including underwater shots of Ranbir. However, they should have come up with separate ads for different categories like Bajaj does. They shouldn't have clubbed all brands under one ad because it creates disconnect. The earlier Hero ad resonated with everyone and was universally liked but suddenly you come up with an action packed commercial highlighting various stunts, which creates a huge disconnect as to what this is for. If people know that this particular ad is only for Karizma, which is a sports vehicle, people are willing to accept it. Hence, there is confusion in strategy, imagery and story,” said KV Sridhar, National Creative Director at Leo Burnett.

“As far as Ranbir's performance is concerned, it is good to see him performing stunts for the first time. However, there should have been more clarity in strategy and story line because right now it lands in an area where people don't know what it is for,” added Sridhar.

According to Santosh Padhi of TapRoot India, “The ad has scale, great production values and is well shot. Ranbir has added a lot of value that a celeb would bring on table, but there are a few things that I feel may be off, too long, I did not get the purpose of the ad. I personally loved the ‘Hum mein hai hero’ as a approach compared to this one, as the earlier one is about people, telling people to unleash the hero, this one showing a hero and asking to unleash is not too consumer-friendly, compared to what they have done before, which according to me was far relevant.”

He added, “Every ad with a celeb and reasonable media spend do make one notice the ad, this one too has some content that will make people remember the ad, but I doubt if it will have a life of its own.”

The power packed journey of the macho Ranbir Kapoor filled with action, drama, thrill, adventure and romance will create a buzz because of excellent production or get criticised on grounds of clarity in strategy and story, still remains a question unanswered.

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