Goafest 2015: Nominees speak on Media & Publisher Abbys

As Goafest 2015 kicks off today and the build-up for this year’s Abbys heightens, we speak to nominees of Media & Publisher Abbys that are to be held on Day One

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Updated: Apr 9, 2015 8:52 AM
Goafest 2015: Nominees speak on Media & Publisher Abbys

Advertising, marketing and media community’s festival Goafest kicks off today. On Day One, Media & Publisher Abbys will be handed out. We speak to nominees who share their thoughts on this year’s entries.

S Yesudas, Managing Director - Indian sub-continent at Vizeum India

Nominated for: Media Abby

Best use of outdoor – Best Use of Experiential including Large Events
• India's Largest and Coolest College Connect Platform; Brand MTV Campus Diaries
• MTV Send The Youth In India To Polling Booths; Brand: MTV

Best Use of Social Media:
• MTV Send The Youth In India To Polling Booths; Brand: MTV Rock The Vote

Best Use of Digital Display Advertising:
• MTV Webbed; Brand: MTV

Our work that has made it to the final shortlist was centred around the Vizeum philosophy of the brand’s ability to share its vision with the consumers to gain consumer empathy ? a new kind of SoV and SoE which for us, stands for Share of Vision and Share of Empathy, as opposed to the traditional Share of Voice and Share of Expenditure. MTV Rock The Vote (RTV) and Campus Diaries have both artfully conveyed the relevant messages to the target audience and engaged them in unique ways.  One was about waking up the youth of the country to cast their votes and the other was about helping college students find new meaning to their campus life.  We used technology and launched the world’s first Twitter initiative - Dial a #hashtag for MTV RTV for the benefit of the feature phone users. The enduring impressions we managed to create in the minds of our consumers not only delivered us many ‘Owned’ and ‘Earned’ media avenues, but also helped us conserve our resources which would otherwise have been spent on ‘Bought’ media. It was also the brilliant client-agency-relationship; chemistry and trust that helped produce such great work. I would like to congratulate Aditya, Sumeli and the entire marketing team at MTV as well as Vizeum team in Mumbai, led by Samarjit for this achievement.  MTV RTV has won more than 15 awards as of now on various platforms, including Spikes and a Gold at Emvies. We hope we win Goafest too.


Mitrajit Bhattacharya, President and Publisher at Chitralekha Group
Nominated for: Publisher Abby
Best Promotion of a CSR/Cause related Marketing Initiative in Traditional or Online Space

• Gujrat elections - Voters Selfie activity; Brand: Chitralekha
  Gujrati on Facebook

Best Magazine in Online Space
• Chitralekha Gujrati Digital Edition; Brand: Chitralekha Gujrati

The Most Creative Cover Design for a Printed Magazine
• NAMO,The PM; Brand: Chitralekha Gujrati
• Digital Privacy; Brand: Chitralekha Gujrati
• Crime Against Women; Brand: Chitralekha Gujrati

In the inaugural year of Publisher’s Abby last year, Chitralekha Group won three out of the four trophies awarded to magazines, including one Gold and two Silvers. This year too, it seems we are the only magazine group nominated for the Awards.

We do hard work throughout the year to create interesting covers, online properties, events and CSR activities. At the year-end when you are acknowledged for your work by an able jury, it serves as a motivation to do even better in the coming years.

Suresh Balakrishna, CEO, BPN (India) CEO Rapport, IPG Mediabrands
Nominated for: Media Abby
Best Use of TV:

• The Best Of TV Become The Zest Of TV; Brand: Zest From Tata Motors
• Banayiye Shopping Easy Aur Convenient; Brand: Amazon.in
• Pre Booking A Phone Thru TV Without TVC; Brand: Samsung - Note 4

Best Use of Cinema:
• The Real SUV Becomes A Reel Hero!; Brand: Tata Motors - Safari Storme
• Coca-Cola Happiness Talkies; Brand; Coca-Cola

Best Use of Newspapers and Magazines
• The Key to Experience; Brand: Zest From Tata Motors

Best Use of Outdoor – Best Use of Experiential Including Large Events
• Zest For Stardom, Stardom For Zest; Brand: Zest From Tata Motors
• Experiantial Ke; Brand: Zest From Tata Motors

Best Use of Special Events and Stunts/Live Advertising
• Going Wider Than Anyone Before; Brand: Samsung - Grand Prime
• Maxximo Minivan - A Guardian To Our Children; Brand: Mahindra Maxximo Mini Van (MMV)

Best Use of Social media
• Social Real-time Marketing Builds Brand Love; Bran: Coca-Cola

Best Use of Digital Display Advertising:
• Spark The Rise Campaign; Brand: Mahindra Group

Best use of Integrated campaign
• Zestigrated; Brand: Zest from Tata Motors

This year we have the largest number of people going for Goafest from our agency. We have about 23 shortlisted entries across IPG Mediabrands, so our expectations are quite high.

Vinay Maheshwari, Sr. VP (Sales & Market Development and Brand Marketing) DB Group
Nominated for: Publisher Abby
Best Promotion of a CSR/Cause related Marketing Initiative in Traditional or Online Space

• Ek Ped Ek Zindagi; Brand: Dainik Bhaskar Group
• Save Birds; Brand: Dainik Bhaskar Group

Dainik Bhaskar’s CSR initiatives are driven by the organization’s vision of enabling socio-economic change in the country. During the ‘ek ped ek zindagi’ plantation drive, we planted more than 1.5 million trees in 45 cities spread across 14 states. In association with the local forest departments across location, we planted only native species which are in harmony with local climatic conditions. This makes our drive unique. For our ‘save birds’ drive we distributed more than 500k sakoras (bird baths) in the country. With rapid urbanisation and shrinking green cover, we are fast losing the native Indian bird population. We have close to 1300 bird species in India which is almost double of that found in whole of Europe!! Unfortunately not many see or hear them, let alone talk about them. Today it is fashionable to talk about saving the tiger or the lion or even the dolphin. But nobody talks about saving the birds!!

Pradeep Dwivedi, Chief Corporate Sales and Marketing Officer of the Dainik Bhaskar Group
Nominated for: Publisher Abby
Best Marketing of a Printed Newspaper/Edition

• Dainik Bhaskar Unmetro Campaign; Brand: Dainik Bhaskar

The Most Creative Front Page in a Printed Newspaper
• Creative front page – 2014; Brand: Dainik Bhaskar
• Makar Sankranti; brand: Divya Bhaskar
• Larger than Life; Brand: Divya Marathi

Best use of Mobile/Digital by a Newspaper
• Dainik Bhaskar Mobile App; Brand; DB Digital

Best Publishing brand Activation
• Divya Bhaskar Jalsa Brand: Divya Bhaskar

It has been an exciting year for the Group in the marketplace on the brand building initiative front. Significant steps were taken during the year to strengthen the reader and trade connect. The campaigns/initiatives are sure to be a strong riding factor in the coming year to further enhance the brand perception and recall. The recognition of our work at prestigious platforms such as Abbys at Goafest awards motivate us to remain committed to fostering increased creative quotient in the advertising space and impactful marketing initiatives through various projects. I am extremely pleased that we are well represented in the nominations.”


Vikram Raichura, MD, VivaConnect
Nominated for: Media Abby
Best Use of Mobile Media

• Bolt - 1 Minute Voice Race Challenge; Brand: Bolt from Tata Motor
• Live Talk from BJP and VivaConnect; Brand: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)

Connecting brands and businesses with their customers is our biggest gratification. Bolt - 1 Minute Voice Race Challenge, is India’s first ‘Voice Call’ based game on mobile, which not only generated the required brand recall, but also presented the USP (multi-drive feature) of the brand in an innovative and engaging way. The campaign went viral and the customer engagement increased exponentially as the campaign went on. Being nominated for such an esteemed award is an additional pleasure. It demonstrates the efficiency of our platform and strategy, and also increases our chances to grab the Abby awards.

Rahul Kansal, BCCL
Nominated for: Publisher Abby
Best Marketing of a Printed Newspaper/Edition

• Maharashtra Times Culture Club; Brand: Maharashtra Times
• MUMBAI MIRROR - I AM MUMBAI; Brand: Mumbai Mirror

Best Promotion of a CSR/Cause related Marketing Initiative in Traditional or Online Space
• Rise Up; Brand: The Times of India
• India Salutes; Brand: The Times Of India

Best Brand Innovation in Newspapers Printed or Online
• The Times Of India- FIFA World Cup 2014 Official Super - Panorama Centre Spread; Brand: The Times Of India

Best use of Mobile/Digital by a Newspaper
• The Great Indian Litterbug; Brand: The Times Of India
• NavGujrat Whatsapp Reporter; Brand: NavGujrat Samay

We hope to do well at the Abbys this year and hope to walk away with some metals. The campaigns which I believe deserve the spotlight include, Mumbai Mirror, ‘I Am Mumbai’  - Continuing with the ‘I Am Mumbai’ series, the latest campaign took an unusual route by telling the story from a villains’ perspective. It takes a lot of courage to say we are happy to be hated and we took that stand.  Authentically shot with high production values, we told the story through an unexpected 'negative' angle, instead of just portraying things in a positive manner like most brands do.

The other campaign that deserves a win is the Times of India, ‘India Salutes’ campaign. This campaign acknowledges the sacrifice of our soldiers. Besides India Gate, we don’t have any memorials for our soldiers and that’s a pity. So, we created a virtual living memorial and website that salutes the Indian soldier.

Another deserving campaign is ‘Let Delhi Breathe’. This is a strong campaign to sensitise the administration as well as the reader at large, of the hazards of air pollution that is engulfing Delhi. I thought the creative is dramatic and brings alive the problem in a disturbing way, that jolts one out of one’s indifference.

Anand Chakravarthy, Head - West, Maxus
Nominated for: Media Abby
Best Use of Ambient Media

Caption: Vodafone Cookies; Brand: Vodafone India Limited

Best Use of Special Events & Stunts/Live Advertising
• Vodafone Cookies; Brand: Vodafone India Limited

Best use of Branded Content Including In-Film/On Screen, In-Serial, Integration
• PO49: The Media Movement That Changed The Role Of Women In Indian Elections; Brand: Tata Tea Gold

Best Use of Digital Search
• Game of Torrents; Brand: Tata Sky VOD
• The Power of Real Time Marketing; Brand: Tata Sky Mobile: Everywhere TV

Best Use of Digital Display Advertising
• Vodafone Amplify, India's First Social TV; Brand: Vodafone India

Best Use of Integrated Campaign
• PO49: The Media Movement That Changed The Role Of Women In Indian Elections; Brand: Tata Tea Gold

Youth Marketing
• Game of Torrents; Brand: Tata Sky VOD

The awards at Goafest are an important platform because they do attract entries from across the industry, not just in the media but also from the creative space as well and also pits us against not just media agencies but also against creative agencies in a way. Therefore, for us, getting nominated across categories, both media and creative, serves to demonstrate our capability to do outstanding leading work beyond just media but also in the creative space.The common element that we would see across all the work that we have done, whether it is Tata Sky, Vodafone, Power of 49, is thought leadership. This is not just work which is good to see at an award forum but more importantly is work that has translated into very positive business metrics and it reflects great ideas at play across these case studies. That’s what makes us really proud.You will see a great mix of work across not just traditional core media but also across digital, emerging technology and activation as well as some really outstanding standalone digital creative work and therefore, this is the second thing that really makes us proud. Whether it is content-led ideas like Power of 49, purely digital innovative ideas like in Tata Sky, whether it is combining technology with activation as in the case of Vodafone -there’s a great mix of using new age opportunities and actually deploying them in the market for brands ahead of others. This first in class work that we have done really sets the bar for other work to follow. This mix of work that we have been able to showcase through the year makes us proud and confident that this work will get recognised and win awards at this forum.

Hangout with Internet - Google India Pvt Ltd

The other interesting piece that we had done was during the general elections. ‘The Hangout with Internet’ campaign that we did with Google used technology in a very smart way for the brand, and for the campaign. It was one very interesting piece.

How We Created 4000+ Social Celebrities! - Kotak Junior Account  For this campaign, we got Kotak Mahindra Bank to use not just digital but created content and got consumers to actually create content along with their children. The entire premise was how do we get more parents to register a savings account for their child and therefore teach their child the value of savings? The campaign started off with us creating content where we shot very young tots and asked them what they think about money and actually getting very funny and interesting responses. And then, we got parents to actually shoot their children and share their video with us about what their child is talking about and saying about money and created a very interesting and engaging content creation platform. We got 4000+ entries which is really good. The big pay off was that the face of the next campaign would be chosen among the winners. That was again something which was not traditional for a bank to do but all due credit to the Kotak Mahindra marketing team for actually putting their weight behind the idea and enabling us to execute it and it actually did wonders for the product. What is considered a very boring category which is advertising a savings account for children ended up, being a hugely engaging platform and got parents involved in the whole process thereby creating far more impact for the product.

Mandir Tendolkar, Vice President Communication. Lokmat Media Pvt. Ltd
Nominated for: Publisher Abby
Best Publishing Brand Activation

• Case Title: Aaple Bappa. Touching Pune’s Hearts

Lokmat leveraged an important insight -  “ Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav” or the 10 day festival is Pune's pride. However through the years this festival was taking on an ugly turn, losing the true tradition and spirit of celebration. Drunken revelry, blaring loudspeakers, POP idols with toxic paints, littered streets and river banks post immersion was the picture left behind after 10 days. Despite the commercialization it still remains a genuine emotional devotional celebration. It is in this intense religious feeling that 'Aaple Bappa' was created as an initiative to take Pune's Ganesh festival back to its roots by making it Clean, Cultured and Creative. Lokmat had to do this. Only Lokmat the largest read newspaper in Maharashtra could pull this off. These two words became a fervent bond with the celebration and the content of the campaign was constructed around these 3Cs. Aaple Bappa Pledge and Clay Idol workshops for school children, Public Awareness Rally, All Women Ganesh Mandal, Waste Disposal facilities, river Bank Cleaning, Editorial Support, Selfies with Bappa and the biggest of them all Lokmat Guinness World Record for the maximum number of dot-to dot drawings simultaneously in a single location. Pune participated in overwhelming numbers and Lokmat Aaple  Bappa Buzz was all around. Aaple Bappa intiative touched the hearts of 2,81,000 Punekars.”


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