E-commerce is tactical & highly sales driven: Vinod Nair, MD, Network Advertising

Nair shared some insights about their latest campaign for Vijay sales which highlights the weakness of online players.

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Updated: Nov 27, 2017 8:45 AM

Offline retail store, Vijay Sales recently unveiled their campaign conceptualized by Network Advertising highlighting offline retail strength and taking on the inherent weaknesses of Internet players. Vinod Nair, MD, Network Advertising shared with exchange4media what went in putting the campaign together, the growth in demand for retailer-oriented advertisements and more. Nair also revealed some insight on recent advertising trends and how most advertising are in the zone of ‘buy me’ rather than ‘why me’.

Q) Could you take us through the behind-the-scenes of Vijay Sales recent campaign and the core insight tapped?

A. To begin with, the agency carried out a huge research exercise to truly understand the customer attitudes and preferences towards buying various different consumer durables. From this research, it was clear that while online retailers have created an attractive proposition for the consumers, there were several need gaps that the e-tailers could not fill. The research also threw up insights which have been leveraged in the brand films for Vijay Sales. They highlight the difficulties consumers face when buying online, while leveraging the core strength of Vijay Sales.

Since the task of brand building needed to be done concurrently with the regular sales oriented advertising, we assigned unique roles as per medium. The film medium has taken on the task of adding to the equity of brand Vijay Sales based on the above consumer insight. The print medium on the other hand drives walk-ins to the stores by communicating the exciting offers and deals. These two media in tandem, work towards creating a desirable brand out of Vijay Sales. Our task was merely to identify and amplify the same in communication – give a ‘why me’ to the consumers for Vijay Sales.

Q) In the era of online shopping, how are brands like Vijay Sales successfully generating footfalls on large numbers in retail stores?

A. Vijay Sales has a huge advantage in their customer oriented service which has been honed over the last five decades. By focusing on this strength of the brand and marrying it to a very real felt consumer need, Vijay Sales is in a great position to hold its own against the onslaught of online retail advertising.

Q) What do you think are the recent advertising industry trends?

A. Recent times have witnessed a growth in the overall advertising spends. However, most of this advertising is being driven by e-commerce, which by nature is heavily tactical and sales-driven. Owing to this one sees less and less of Brand advertising. Most advertising are in the zone of ‘buy me’ rather than ‘why me’.

Q) Tell us about the growth in demand for making more retailer oriented advertisements?

A. Advertising for retailer brands has its own dynamics. It is naturally tuned towards maximizing sales. However, every retailer brand also is a brand at the end of the day. It has to worry about how it is adding unique value to the consumer’s buying process and decision. This is even more important for retailer brands because they ultimately don’t have a product of their own to sell. Focusing solely on the best deals or prices has limited benefit for the brand in the long run, as this increases the pressure on the bottom line.

With the recent explosion of e-tailing brands in the media space, traditional retailers especially in the consumer durables space have also needed to maintain their share of voice. However, to enable them to compete effectively with the mega-spending e-tailing brands, they do have to identify a unique reason “why” for themselves and ensure that they communicate beyond just deals and offers.

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