Bates CHI&Partners Bangalore creates ‘Future First’ for Embassy Group

The Future First film uses visual illusions created through various artistic dynamic installations to project the Embassy Group’s vision and the intrinsic detailing in its offerings

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Published: Mar 26, 2018 2:10 PM  | 3 min read

Bates CHI&Partners has created a new TVC for the Embassy Group. Appropriately titled Future First, this breathtakingly visual film, has a clear takeaway - by foreseeing what is to come, the Embassy Group is helping their investors, partners and customers get to the future first.

The Future First film uses visual illusions created through various artistic dynamic installations to project the Embassy Group’s vision and the intrinsic detailing in the Embassy’s offerings.
Rather than using CGI, which would have been the simpler thing to do, Bates decided to create physical installations of various scales that relied on design, craft and skill. This provides a visceral sense of depth and realism, that derivatives through CGI method just cannot match.

In addition to extremely well designed camera moves, a varied number of techniques such as forced perspective, miniature simulations, stop motion animation, kaleidoscopic mirror reflections, false floor, 3D illusion art were employed in the making of this film. Together, these elements converge in a way that gave the required visual uniqueness and depth to the communication.

Vinod Chandran, Senior Creative Director, Bates Chi & Partners, said: “It takes perspective to discern what others fail to see. The Embassy brand film builds on this idea, and dramatises the importance of perspective, by presenting visual illusions that appear to be one thing, only to astonish when perspective shifts and something dramatically different is revealed. From the start, the Embassy Group has skated to where the puck is going to be, rather than where it is. And this has given them the first mover advantage, time and again.”

The tagline Future First, that Bates CHI&Partners, Bangalore developed, captures this unerring ability to sense the future and act upon it ahead of time. Naturally, it became the foundational positioning from which all communication originated.

Jitu Virwani, Chairman & Managing Director, Embassy Group, said: “We are very impressed with this visually stunning campaign that depicts Embassy’s vision of ‘Future First’. The last few decades have been exciting in building our diversified business, which encompasses all aspects of Real Estate—Commercial, Residential, Industrial & Hospitality. This well curated Corporate Campaign summaries our efforts, the exponential growth, our quintessential service offerings and the iconic assets that Embassy has developed over the years. We are confident that the campaign will play a significant role in establishing Embassy as a key contributor, to the Real Estate Industry in India.”

Naveen Raman, Senior Vice President, Bates CHI & Partners, said: “‘Future First’ is a representation of what the brand believes in and how it behaves. This film is all about perspectives. The visual language of the film is very different and we are proud of the outcome. We hope this campaign connects with the audience and we are able create growth opportunities for Embassy. As proven visionaries for several decades, we hope that with Future First the Embassy Group will achieve the recognition it rightly deserves for its many accomplishments, not just of today, but of those to come. This is the start of another remarkable chapter for the Embassy Group and we’re delighted to be part of their extraordinary journey.”

Client: Embassy Group
Agency: Bates CHI & Partners
Account management: Naveen Raman, Chitrangda Gupta
Creative: Vinod Chandran, Sunil Krishnan
Production house: Studio Eeksaurus
Director: Suresh Eriyat

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