#BackToSchool : Pepsi takes you down the memory lane

PepsiCo's latest digital-first video #BackToSchool celebrates Friendship Day with a relatable story of friends reminiscing over fond memories of school days. exchange4media '

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Updated: Jul 29, 2014 2:04 AM
#BackToSchool : Pepsi takes you down the memory lane

As years pass by, childhood memories grow fonder for all of us. Most of us look back at our school days as the golden period of our lives. From bunking classes, to sharing private jokes about teachers, we’ve done it all together. PepsiCo India has tried to put a positive spin on this solemn thought of retrspecting days past, showcasing even though school days have to end, friendships can stay forever. The brand has recreated those good ol’ days in a 4.15 minute online-first video. The #BackToSchool clip celebrates the nostalgia of those bygone school days.


A group of teenagers at their high school farewell look back on their friendship. Getting caught by the teacher while opening a lunch box during class, and eventually made to stand out of the classroom in punishment… Such savory moments cemented their bond. The film reminds viewers of the time when school friends signed each others’ uniforms, filled out slam books, took the final walk in the sacred corridors of your alma mater, took that last ride on the merry-go-round, and even sat in those old classrooms to discuss the days gone by.

At the end of the video, this bunch of four teenagers is seen enjoying their school farewell party and discussing that no matter whatever happens in the future each of them will be there for the other. The video concludes by saying: “This Friendship Day, celebrate those school besties and the memories you have with them.”

Nostalgic wave

This video took netizens down the memory lane all over the country over the weekend. As old friends begin tagging each other across social networking sites, the following wave of nostalgia is sweeping emotions across age groups.

The film was posted under the caption: “Dosti ek aise zaamney ki, jab baney the chaddi buddies back-bench cheating and tiffin-sharing se.” This Friendship Day, celebrate those school besties and the memories you have with them. Walk down the memory lane with #BackToSchool.” The video is already doing multiple rounds on Facebook and Twitter. It has already hit 301,510 views on YouTube, since it was uploaded online on July 25.

Expert speak

Chraneeta Mann, National Creative Director—Regional, Rediffusion Y&R, says, “This film does a great job of tugging at the heartstrings. It is very nicely produced; the soundtrack is one of the nicest we’ve heard in a while. It takes us back into time when we were in school and sitting huddled around a bag of chips that we shared with only our best friends. I think it does a great job of marrying the PepsiCo portfolio with some of the best moments of togetherness and friendship in our lives.

“The campaign has strong potential in the digital space as well, one could really own friendship, reunions, school interactions, and I believe the Facebook page with the campaign is already doing some of that. But, all in all, even if the ad can talk to a thirty-year-old, and make him call up his school-time friends and get together over some Pepsi and chips, I would think it has done its job,” she further added.

According to Papri Dev, MD, Zeno Group India, “The back to school campaign from Pepsi is interesting – it seems to be a departure from previous Pepsi campaigns/commercials and looks like the company is trying to strike a softer emotional chord with Youngistaan. The video is charming and captures the strains of friendship and those school days that have gone by. The product introductions stood out – were they really necessary? What will be interesting to see is what this piece of content is preparing and teasing us towards and whether that will pleasantly surprise the audience in the days to come.”

It will be interesting to see if Pepsi in its usual pioneering fashion which we’ve seen in traditional advertising, embraces strategic and innovative social tools to drive the campaign forward.

You can watch the video here:

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