And now, it is clean-up time for Creative Abby

The going is not so good for Creative Abby. As if the continuous result leak for the last three years was not enough, this year, the voting process has come under the scanner, rendering four ‘guilty’ agencies. The AAAI Managing Committee has discussed the matter and has suggested the withdrawal of awards from these four agencies that had voted for their own work. The Bombay Ad Club, that owns the Abby Awards, would be discussing the issue next week and a final decision is expected soon after.

e4m by Noor Fathima Warsia
Updated: Apr 28, 2010 8:25 AM
And now, it is clean-up time for Creative Abby

It appears that the Indian Premier League is not the only platform that is facing a ‘clean-up’ exercise. The Indian advertising industry’s very own Abby Awards is not seeing the best of times. While the Creative Abby has been facing a perception downslide for the constant leak of results in the last three years, this year is one of the worst for these home-grown national advertising awards.

Even as all parties involved are completely tight-lipped on the matter, informed sources divulge that soon after the Awards had culminated earlier this month, a few jury members complained to the award organisers of irregularities in the judging process. It was said that some jury members had voted on work done by their own agencies, which is not consistent with the Abby judging process.

The Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI) and the Bombay Ad Club looked into the matter to discover four guilty parties. The AAAI has met on the matter a few times, but at a meeting that took place at the Publicis office in Mumbai on April 27, 2010, the AAAI Managing Committee discussed taking the awards back from these four agencies.

However, the house is still divided on this proposition. One section believes that the clean-up act cannot be limited to only the voting process, but include other aspects such as scam and plagiarism as well. The suggestion is to clean up the Creative Abby all through – from leaks to the judging process for the next year. Another section, however, insists on immediate action, irrespective of how complete it would be.

The Bombay Ad Club has taken serious note of these developments and is meeting next week to take a final call on the matter; the Abby Awards, after all, is primarily a Bombay Ad Club initiative. Needless to say, both AAAI and Ad Club are facing severe member and fraternity pressure on the matter, pulling the management committees in both directions. However, it is understood that the objective of the organisation is to either clean up the Creative Abby flaws, including voting process and scams through and through, or not at all. More on this will be known next week.

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