ADK Fortune & Mankind Pharma honour medical personnel for their services

#ThanksForBeingMyFamily campaign thanks doctors, nurses, hospital staff and the other unsung heroes who have been working 27x7 during the COVID-19 outbreak

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Updated: Mar 23, 2020 5:28 PM
Mankind Pharma ADK Fortune Communications

Presently, the world is going through a tough time because of the COVID-19 epidemic. It’s the time that nobody ever anticipated, and nobody was prepared for. The government has also shut down schools, colleges, malls, cinema halls, restaurants, and even some key religious places as a safety precaution. But there’s someone out there still working for us 24x7.

Mankind Pharma, the leading pharmaceutical brand took the initiative to pay a tribute to these unsung heroes. With their latest film – #ThanksForBeingMyFamily, Mankind salutes all the doctors, nurses, and hospital staff for their selfless service in this trying time. The film is a humble attempt to highlight how these people have stepped out of their own homes; working away from their loved ones and taking care of us like their own family.

Commenting on the campaign, Joy Chatterjee, DGM, Mankind Pharma said, “We are really moved by the dedication with which our doctors, nurses, and hospital staff are working amidst the coronavirus epidemic. This film is just a small attempt to wholeheartedly thank all of them as we pray for their health and well-being.”

The film #ThanksForBeingMyFamily has been conceptualised and executed by ADK Fortune Communications Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon. “As the old saying goes, tough times don’t last, tough people, do. And helping us sustain through these hard times are doctors, nurses, and hospital staff. Thanking them for their selfless service is the least that we can do.” says Subroto Pradhan, Managing Partner, ADK Fortune Communications Pvt. Ltd.

Nakul Sharma, VP and Executive Creative Director, ADK Fortune Communications Pvt. Ltd. adds, “Once we locked on the inspiring brief that the medics have kept their doors open while everything else is shutting down, it struck us that they have done us so much more. Like leaving their own loved ones to tend to us a family. This powerful insight is a fact of life for every doc, nurse and staff. They are actually living the moments that we have shown in the film. In short, the glory truly belongs to them.”

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