Youth Quotient: "Videos will play an important role in tomorrow's world"

Mobile devices have now become the second screen, and videos will be the most consumed form of content online. So, it's the most critical platform for any business

e4m by Abhinna Shreshtha
Updated: Mar 11, 2014 9:07 AM
Youth Quotient: "Videos will play an important role in tomorrow's world"

Abhishek Kumar is Manager – Digital of a leading media house. In this capacity, he takes care of different video platforms. Prior to this, he has had stints with UTV and MTV.

In conversation with exchange4media, Kumar talks about his journey and his love for all things digital.

What made you choose digital as a career option?
Getting into the digital space was never planned. I was not born in the most Internet-savvy of households. After I got into engineering, I realised that my true interest lies in the media space, so this just happened. I never had any fixed career goal, neither did Mark Zuckerberg, I think.

What do you like about the digital space?
The digital teams usually comprise of young people, so there are a lot of new and fresh ideas. Social media is not about technology, it is about understanding the psychology of the audience, which makes it interesting. Someone once said that social media is not an option, you just have to do it as best as you can. I completely agree with this.

And what do you not like about this space?
Sometimes, your actions create unnecessary over-reaction! Also, keeping personal and professional life separate in the digital space is difficult at times.

Since you are responsible for video strategy, what are your views on video as a marketing tool?
Mobile devices have now become the second screen. As per a Cisco report, by 2017, videos will be the most consumed form of content online and so it is the most critical platform for any business. This is true for the advertiser as well as the content creator. Videos are set to play a very important role in the world of tomorrow.

What has been the most exciting stuff you have seen in the digital space recently?
What seriously amazes me about the digital space is how easy it is to become famous and successful overnight. Viral content is a great example; you just have to see examples of videos such as ‘Harlem Shake’ and ‘Gangnam Style’. Absolutely anything can go viral these days, you just can’t predict what will work.

Where do you see yourself five years down the line?
Probably the creator of something like Whatsapp, but which will include “Last seen with”, along with GPS tagging! But on a serious note, I want to develop some product ideas. I feel India needs some good indigenous products. We have been too focused on servicing the West, which is why our own software industry has suffered.

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