'Strategic, preemptive & tech-driven communication is reshaping PR & comm industry'

Mallika Sinha, Senior Manager - Marketing & Communication at Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd. discusses her thoughts on being in the list, challenges faced by communication professionals & more

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Updated: Jan 15, 2021 4:57 PM
mallika sinha

Mallika Sinha, Senior Manager - Marketing & Communication at Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd., is a seasoned marketing communication professional with a vast experience in health, wellness and fitness industry.

Skilled in crisis communications, media relations, corporate communications, market research, and management, Sinha has been featured in ‘e4m PR and Corporate Communications 40 under 40’ second list.

exchange4media caught up with her as she lets us in on her thoughts on being in the list, challenges faced by communications professionals, new trends that will shape up the industry, and more in our latest episode of ‘e4m Next Gen Series.'

Edited Excerpts:-

How do you feel being a part of the e4m PR and Corporate Communications 40 under 40 list? 

It is an absolute honour to be recognized as 40 Under 40 and I would like to extend my gratitude to the entire team of exchange4media.com for this recognition.  

What are the key skills required in the current market? 

The whole world has really been grappling with the impact of Covid-19. The unprecedented circumstances made many sectors witness a massive impact on their growth. However, the year 2020 has taught us the importance of being open-minded and accepting the change to ultimately overcome uncertainty.

The environment is extremely dynamic and especially after witnessing the pandemic, it has become important to acquire and adapt skill sets that can help professionals deal with changing market dynamism and also foresee short term and long term goals and plan in advance.  Every field has transformed itself to adapt to the new normal with the use of technology. 

What are the qualities that a leader should possess? 

Leadership is not dictated but demonstrated through empathy and respect for each other. One must need to have vision, courage, integrity and a positive attitude to emerge as a strong leader. 

As a leader, it is your responsibility to develop your team and prepare them for future roles because I strongly believe that you can only grow if your team grows. 

What trends have you witnessed in the past 10 months in the PR and corp comm domain? 

Public relations, the term itself means people-to-people communication and before the pandemic hit us, in-person meeting was an integral part of the job.

In the last 10 months, the way the industry has adapted to the changed circumstances is commendable. Technology has played a pivotal role in maintaining sanity throughout this tough time. Use of virtual platforms to participate in pitches, organise training, develop skills, launch products, disseminate news, anything and everything has been made possible.

Moreover, apart from traditional media, digital platforms have emerged strongly to initiate conversations. Use of influencers, online surveys for feedbacks, outlining CSR initiatives and designing targeted communication for captive attention are some key trends that I witnessed in the last 10 months.  

 How technologically ready and skilled are the PR and Corp Comm professionals to move to the next level of digitisation? 

Like I mentioned earlier, technology has played a vital role in helping the PR and Corp Comm professionals adapt during the pandemic. One important lesson we have learnt from 2020 is that every industry should be in sync technologically to overcome any change that we may face in future. As for the professionals like us, we are ready to move to the next level of digitalization by keeping ourselves updated and experiment with newer opportunities technology has to offer.  

 According to you, what innovations will reshape the PR and corp comm industry? 

Over the years, PR and corp comm industry and the domain have gone through a drastic transformation. From being a press release function in the 1980s, in the third decade of the 21st century, we have reached the era of strat comms.

Now, the qualitative differences are many but the most important ones are, firstly, it’s not only important for brands to have corp comms and PR but also to make them a part of the board room strategic decision-making process; secondly, technology has made it compulsory for brands to engage in a multi-channel, two-way communication with the consumers and stakeholders. In view of this, it’s not reactive PR and corp comms but strategic, preemptive communication, driven by technology, which I consider as the innovation that is reshaping the PR and corp comm industry.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the biggest innovations of our times, and it has helped the industry to grow and change the way things are done. It’s impossible to function effectively and make any brand noteworthy without AI supporting human diligence. 

How will this recognition by e4m add value to your profile and the communications industry at large? 

It is always very encouraging to be recognised for the work you have done.  It definitely inspires and motivates me to perform better and contribute more to the area of the communication industry. Communication has always been the backbone of any organisation and it is very reassuring to see that the industry is getting its due credit through such recognitions.  

 What are your future plans? 

I want to constantly upgrade myself and keep growing in the area of communication. On a personal front, I seek to invest my time and knowledge in taking up projects on women empowerment. 

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