GHMC's order to remove structures 15 ft above ground a boon or bane for Hyderabad OOH?

Some OOH owners in the city say the order may result in losses of 60-70% in the short term while others welcome the move

e4m by Noel Dsouza
Updated: Jul 9, 2020 8:41 AM
Hyderabad OOH

In the last week of June, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) issued a notice to the OOH Media owners of Hyderabad regarding the removal of media structures which are above 15 feet from the ground level. The policy was stated by the Department of Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MA&UD). Once passed, defaulting OOH owners will have to pay a hefty penalty.

According to the statement made by the court, all OOH advertisement sites that are 15 feet above the ground level should be removed after their allotted license period is done.
An official OOH Media Owner from Hyderabad shared with e4m that this law has been in the works for some time. He said, “The government across the country is moving to restrict the outdoor sites in every city. There is also an increased focus on safety. I think moving forward, the industry will have to focus on street furniture and public utilities. The days of massive hoardings are slowly declining.”

Due to the verdict, Hyderabad OOH owners went knocking on the doors of the HC in opposition to the new policy. The owners are expecting a positive outcome in a month’s time.
The new policy has restricted rooftop sites which constitutes a significant part of media sites. It also imposes size restrictions and limits the use of flashlights and non-static illumination, neon and glow signboards, and add-on advertising elements on cars and other vehicles.

The GHMC stated that this is a structural change and is done to reduce clutter from the city’s skyline to ensure the safety of its citizens.

When asked about the losses the OOH Media owners will have to endure, an OOH Media owner off the record stated, "In the short term, it will hurt us by 60-70% but in the long run we will find new avenues."

However, in contrast, another OOH media owner from Hyderabad commented that technically in a way it is a welcome move for them. "It will be helpful to us media owners because all the structures that we are seeing here are almost 15-20 years old and every time somebody refurbishes, it gets a structural certification and this cycle continues. In a way, I feel that the government is taking a novel step to help the OOH media owners and ensure safety as well,” he added.

OOH, Media Owners also feel that digital out-of-home can pave the way and be beneficiary during this shift only if there are clear government regulations for DOOH sites. Another shared that not only DOOH but alternate media sites will also be set up due to the new regulations.

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