This is the last election on television: Abhigyan Prakash

Prakash has launched his new online series on Lok Sabha Elections called ‘For Up From UP’.

e4m by Ruhail Amin
Updated: Apr 28, 2019 4:24 PM
Abhigyan Prakash

Senior Journalist and Former Senior Executive Editor of NDTV India- Abhigyan Prakash is making headlines for his special online series on Lok Sabha Elections called ‘For Up From UP’.

Speaking about the response to this new political series, Prakash said, “The response is wonderful. Everything gets so colored and politicized during elections it is important to do simple ground reporting without any bias and without any agenda and this platform offers that scope.”

Stating that people in media these days have their own agenda’s to portray, Prakash underlined that social media has changed the dynamics of news coverage and consumption and given a new scope for news neutrality.

“I was at the London School of Economics recently for a conference and then I went for a lecture to Oxford University also, the crux of the deliberations at both places was that media has been sold off to corporates and as a result social media has taken the centre stage.  Also, the conventional media has been hugely losing its credibility, in any case it was a one way communication and all of a sudden social media has altered the way news gets disseminated and received.”

Speaking about waning news credibility and the need to restore it, especially across conventional platforms like TV, Prakash said, “I think the agenda journalism has to stop. I have not watched news channels for the last two and a half years because whenever an anchor comes on the show he just shares his opinion, we don’t want to know his opinion, we want news.”

Since the prevalence of low cost data has impacted viewership patterns which are increasingly getting skewed towards digital, Prakash is a firm believer that the future of news is digital.

“When you travel outside the big cities you will come to know why there has not been a significant rise in news TV viewership. In my view this is the last election on television, the people I meet watch debate shows for fun and entertainment now, not to gain knowledge or understanding,” he added.

“What I’m trying to do is to bring back the old school—simple, straight reportage”, said Prakash while explaining the rationale behind his new show.

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