My favourite RJ: Smita, Radio Mirchi

RJ Smita underplays herself when necessary to maintain the charm of music from another time, says Ashwini Deshpande of Elephant Strategy + Design

e4m by Saloni Surti
Updated: Nov 9, 2012 8:08 PM
My favourite RJ: Smita, Radio Mirchi

Radio, today, is about ensuring a good music experience for listeners. While most RJs successfully entertain, there are very few who manage to be in sync with the content and music to create a perfect atmosphere.

According to Ashwini Deshpande, Director, Elephant Strategy + Design, RJ Smita from Radio Mirchi has the ability to create the right feel for her show.

RJ Smita plays retro hits and is known for her unique playlist and light and cheery way of RJing.

In conversation with exchange4media, Deshpande speaks about her favourite RJ and keeping content objective in a commercial world, among other things.

Who is you favourite RJ?
I like RJ Smita from Radio Mirchi, Pune. She hosts Purani Jeans, a retro song show.

What do you like about RJ Smita?
I identify with the retro songs, so that is a big plus. She sounds easy going and genuinely happy in playing and listening to retro music. She underplays herself when necessary to maintain the charm of music from another time. 

When do you tune in to radio the most?
I usually tune in to radio while driving to work and back, which is about 20 minutes each way. 

With increasing commercial pressure, do you think RJs these days are able to keep their content objective?
Sometimes it gets rather irritating to hear RJs telling you where to get your interior done or how to service your car, but we have to understand that unlike television channels or newspapers, radio comes free to us. As a listener, it is fairly easy to distinguish between paid and curated content. So I don’t see RJs being subjective occasionally as a problem as long as the channel is promoting responsible, legitimate businesses and brands. I would be worried if RJs promoted quacks.

From our advertising and media industry, which personality do you think could make a marvelous RJ?
According to me, Sonal Dabral of DDB Mudra can be an awesome RJ.

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