My favourite RJ: Malishka, Red FM

RJ Malishka takes on the establishment in her own witty style & focusses on real situations without malice, says PM Balakrishna of Allied Media

by Saloni Surti
Published - Sep 14, 2012 7:20 PM Updated: Sep 14, 2012 7:20 PM
My favourite RJ: Malishka, Red FM

‘93.5 Red FM par aap hai Malishka ke saath’ are the words that listeners tune into every morning, and looks like these words have made a place in a lot of hearts.

The peppy, funny, lively and down to earth Malishka has managed to hit the bull’s eye, stated PM Balakrishna, COO, Allied Media.

With thousands of Facebook friends and Twitter followers, RJ Malishka is known for her connect with the audience. She has won RAPA and Promax awards in the past, along with winning The Sound of India@IRF2012 recently. RJ Malishka is the only representative of the Indian radio fraternity at the International Radio Festival in Zurich.

In conversation with exchange4media, Balakrishna speaks about why Malishka is his favourite RJ and how a good RJ becomes the identity of a radio station.

Who is your favourite RJ?
I like RJ Malishka. She hosts the breakfast show ‘Morning No. 1’ on Red FM.

What do you like about RJ Malishka?
She has this very down to earth and funny nature along with an ability to connect with the listeners. I like the way she takes on the establishment in her own witty style and focusses on the real situation without aggression and malice.

What is your preferred time to listen to radio?
It is mostly during the time I am on the on my way to work and back.

Do you think RJs these days have managed to create a connect with their listeners?
They certainly do and the amount of calls they get is proof of their following and popularity. Given that music has parity and is the same across stations, the key differentiator is the individuality that the RJs bring to the station in their own inimitable style. This can become iconic as is the case Malishka and Jeeturaaj...another favourite.

How does RJ – listener rapport benefit the channel?
RJs have their own fan following and loyalists which in turn become listeners of the station. The individuality of the RJ is intrinsic to the brand personality of the station and there is a mutual rub-off for both. When a RJ is able to package good content and also connect with the audiences in an emotional and personal way, the programme becomes a bridge between the listeners and the station – making it a unique bond between both and goes a long way in making the station popular.

Where do you place more importance – the format of the show or popularity of the RJ?
Most definitely the RJ. FM listeners want to be engaged and would like to interact with RJs they are able to connect with emotionally while relating to the music associated with his or her programme. A bad sounding or disconnected RJ can quickly turn off listeners, making it a losing proposition for the station and the RJ. Any good content is about packaging and an RJ is a very intrinsic part of the same and needs to be carefully selected and oriented to the audiences he or she is catering to. Any dissonance in this framework can quickly result in loss of equity with listeners who can be very unforgiving and finicky.

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