'YouTube tech reviewers have grown 5x, tech writer engagement up 4x'

At the Pitch CMO Summit 3.0, a panel discussed how brands are acing the online shopping research experience to boost brand salience

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Updated: Sep 28, 2021 12:01 PM
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The exchange4media group hosted the Virtual Edition 3.0 of the Pitch CMO Summit on Friday, 24th September 2021. The theme of this edition was Future-Proofing Brands and the summit witnessed the gathering of industry leaders across sectors to decode the future of brands. 

While smartphone and gadget brands rely on Amazon and Flipkart to push sales, e-commerce sites are multi-brand, and can't favour one brand overtly. So how does a brand then ensure that they are leading the e-commerce market and also making themselves future-proof? 

To discuss more on the topic “Acing The Online Shopping Research Experience To Boost Brand Salience”, Nitin Mathur, CEO, 91mobiles chaired a panel comprising Prashant Jain, Director - Marketing, HP India Market; Roshni Das, Marketing Director - India, Intel; Sooraj Balakrishnan, Head – Marketing - India and Bangladesh, Acer; and Utsav Malhotra, COO, Noise. 

Mathur kicked off the discussion by asking the panellists to share the strategies adopted by their brands during the 2-3 week decision-making consumer-research period for e-commerce purchases. 

Jain shared: “Few things that have changed over the last 14 months. We have seen a shrink in this duration from the earlier three-week time given that PCs have become so essential for working and learning from home. People are now closing their research in less than ten days. The challenge, therefore, has become very acute because now you have to influence that purchase in a very short time. We have to grab the consumer attention when they are entering the market, not when they have already begun their research. Our content strategy remains that we want to put out content that the consumer wants to see, not what we want to put out.” 

Balakrishnan added “The offline piece to this journey is also important. Consumers go and check out the product offline as well, see the touch and feel, so that is also important in the consumer journey. Another important factor that drives conversion is one-day delivery. It is all about the omnichannel experience. The consumer can buy from anywhere but they would like to have a unified brand experience. For traditional brands like us, the D2C has really evolved over the last 14 months and we have scaled and pivot accordingly. Overall, both D2C and a unified experience are important and that is what we are focussed on.” 

Bringing the ingredient brand side of content strategy, Das said “We are dealing with a more digitally savvy consumer. Our position is that we don’t want to interrupt and want to hasten the consumer journey as quick as possible. Most of the time, our campaigns land on the e-comm because if the person is already in the shopping stage, we’d rather give them what they are looking for. That being said, about 40% of people land up on these sites after doing their research. According to stats, tech reviewers on Youtube have grown by 5X while tech writers and their engagement has gone up by 4X, a lot of work, therefore, is to intersperse with these people to tell our story and demystify.  PC performance is something that we really focus on.” 

Sharing the strategy behind maintaining the positioning of a tech-lifestyle brand like Noise through influencers, Malhotra shared “When it comes to accessories, people are using TWS devices for about 10-12 hours a day, while smartwatches are worn almost the entire time apart from when they are charging once in 10 days. For us, with influencers, the bucket is divided, there is a shift towards micro tier 2 and 3 influencers because they do a lot of active work for us post-purchase. Our journey doesn’t end at product purchase, 50% of it is the experience on the app post that. We have these content creators who do a lot of content highlighting that. That’s a large part of the brand experience that gets delivered that otherwise on the surface doesn’t seem to exist."

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